Monday, May 28, 2012


Lavender Epsom Salt

Imagine climbing into a tub filled with warm water and fragrant lavender epsom salt.  Around you are candles which flicker a soft glow and beside you a glass of your favorite wine or perhaps your favorite beverage.  Now imagine using that same lavender epsom salt as air freshener for your closet, your car, or for any room in home.  Imagine washing your 100% cotton sheets and using lavender epsom salt in the final rinse to add a lovely and fresh fragrance to your sheets.  Imagine what you can do with a bag of lavender epsom salt.  

I use lavender epsom salt for all these things and it is fabulous.  In the bath it refreshes and invigorates and helps sooth sore achy muscles (at least for me it does).  In my closet it freshens the air and keeps my clothes smelling fresh and wonderful and it cost way less than those pricey air fresheners.  

I also add a little to my rinse cycle to freshen my sheets in the washer.  I simply put some lavender epsom salt in a cup and dissolve it in water.  I then add it to my rinse cycle.  You may want to check with your washer manufacturer to make sure this is safe for your type of washer.  For my washer it is fine and it makes our sheets so luxurious to sleep in.   Even my husband says that it makes the sheets feel so much better.

I am not promoting any brand or product here and I know there are different lavender epsom salt products out there. There are also other fabulous fragrances that you might find you like more.  Find what you love and try using it in different way.  You may find hidden treasures where you never thought to look.

Relax and sweet dreams.......

For other uses for Epsom Salt visit eHow......

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