Friday, May 25, 2012


Inspiration for painting Roses

Limoges of course.....

When you are a crafter you never know where you will find inspiration.   From my love of Limoges porcelain came a love for painting.  Back when I first started collecting hand painted Limoges porcelain I was always amazed at the beautiful roses on my pieces.   Actually I was kind of jealous and I wanted to be able to paint too.   So I set about searching the interwebs for instructional videos.   I was delighted when I found that YouTube had quite a few videos.   After some research I went out and bought myself some supplies.   Then I sat down and  I just kept painting until I got something that looked like a rose.  I am not a professional painter however, I became good enough to actually paint some items for myself.   I even eventually sold some of my hand painted items. 

I love to recycle and reuse vintage things and I always see things for what they could be and not what they are.   This led me to combine my love of vintage items, recycling and painting.   Although, I have previously talked about many of my hand painted items, I wanted to share them again today.   If you are so inclined please leave a comment and let me know what you think of them.

First, here is a cake saver that I painted. The inside was in perfect condition and I can still use it as a cake server.  I only painted the outside and the bottom of the inside.  It has a clear glass cake plate inside.

This is my coal bucket complete with shovel. This beauty was in terrible condition when I found it.  I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned it then I was able to paint it and turn it into the treasure you see here.

My Drop Leaf Table is next and when I found this is was in very sad shape. I think I paid about $8.00 for it. The top of it was laminated and someone had left it in the rain.  The prep work for this table took  forever as I had to remove the laminate and sand the entire table.  I turned it into a tea table and I love how it turned out.
There are 2 upcycled chairs in this picture as well.

This was an old window I found and I wanted to try my hand at painting on glass. I was very pleased with how it turned out. This was one of my earlier pieces and I was still learning how to paint roses.  
This piece still hangs in our quest powder room. Oh and I painted the blue and white stripes in our powder room as well.

The last item I want to share today is an old sewing machine draw.  This piece was also in very sad shape when I found it.  I brought it home and after much love I have a lovely storage box. I even gave it a beautiful fabric top.

 I  have many more hand painted items but I thought I would share just a few today and save some for later.

So be sure to come back and look for more hand painted items in the future.

Thank you for stopping by
and for letting me share my hand painted items with you!

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Your painting skills are just fabulous! Love everything that you have painted.I love shabby chic.
    Many hugs, conny

  2. Thank you ever so kindly. I love painting and like you I LOVE shabby Chic everything.

  3. These are all so sweet and beautiful! You are a very talented painter!


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