Monday, May 21, 2012


Bavaria Berry Set

I love Limoges but I also love Bavarian Porcelain as well.  Similar to Limoges, Bavarian porcelain is also a hard paste porcelain.  Therefore it is very durable and long lasting.   Many pieces I find were hand painted just like many Limoges pieces.  The up side is Bavarian porcelain is usually less expensive to purchase.  I am more likely to actually use my Bavarian pieces.  

This is a lovely berry set with 7 pieces in all.  Berry sets can also be used for Ice Cream Puddings and just about anything you might want to serve.  I love the pink roses and the pink delicate pink shading on this set.  

This is actually one of my favorites.  There is just something about this beautiful set that appeals to my feminine side.  It is so very feminine, delicate and lovely. 

The pieces are all marked Bavaria.

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Tea Cottage Pretties

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