Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Blessings and Combat Boots

These are my new combat boots covered in beautiful pink roses.  I figured if I must battle my own private war with fibromyalgia, pernicious anemia, hypothyroidism, vitamin D deficiency and a multitude of endocrine problems I at least deserve my very own combat boots.  

It is true that when you are sick you are fighting a battle.  It can sometimes be a very lonely and isolating battle with few to champion you along the way.  I don't always talk about how I feel to others and for the most part people in my life are unaware that I am sick.  That everyday I fight my own battle to get up and move about and do the things that I need to do, that I must do.  I have chosen to keep my problems to myself.  I am very cognisant that we all have our battles to fight.  I am no different besides I tire of telling the story.  It is hard to explain and usually the response I get is "but you look great".  Being sick is part of me, it is my battle and I chose to fight it in my own way.  

Recently a very sweet person emailed me to say she had been praying for me.  She knew not why she felt she needed to pray for me but she just did it anyway.  During this time I was very sick and I was also upset that I was feeling this bad yet again. I would wake up so extremely sick and everything would hurt.  When I say everything hurt, I mean any stimuli such as light, sound and touch.  Every fiber of my being hurt from my head to deep inside my bones.  My muscles and joints screamed at me when I moved.  My head hurt and I experienced severe brain fog and the list goes on.   I would know the minute I woke up how bad it is going to be on any given day.  However, recently something has changed all that, at least for now. So , I wanted to send out a very special thank you to my friend for her prayers and for all my lovely friends that keep me in their prayers.

I have been sick for 16 years and there are always ups and downs to how this thing works for me.  I take the good days and the bad days and I do the best I can do with them.   I have all sorts of endocrine problems and to top it off I have a cholesterol problem.  The cholesterol problem has kind of always taken a  back seat to the many and varied other things on my list of problems.  High cholesterol runs in my family on both sides.  I can not take statins, they completely strip me of any quality of life.  I took them for a time and suffered from myopathy so badly that I could no longer function.  So now I am using Niacin which is a B vitamin and although it is working a little, it is not enough to combat the cholesterol problem.  A very dear and good friend of mine said you know I take fish oil (Omega 3) and I told her that I hated the taste of it.  You know those fishy burps, yuck....  Anyway, I found an Omega 3 that surprisingly does not leave me with that fishy taste in my mouth, so I started taking them everyday.  Now I have been told many times by my Doctor to take Omega 3 but every time I start I end up putting them down, so I knew it would be okay to take them.  

I am going into my 3rd week taking the Omega 3 and I feel different and I mean different in a good way.  I don't yet know if it is actually helping with the cholesterol (that test will be done later) but it seems the Omega 3 has done some other things for me.  I first noticed that I was waking up and I did not feel sick.  That is usually my first indication that I am going to be very sick that day.  I noticed I was jumping out of bed and getting dressed and I felt pretty good.  Not 100% but so much better than before.  I notice little things like my hair and nails were growing beautifully.  My skin feels softer and I have better coloring in my face. I was able to do things I have not done in a long time.  I have been working in my yard doing things like mowing the grass, repairing our fence and staining it and cleaning out all sorts of closets and drawers.  

So last night I did a web search to see exactly what Omega 3's do for you.  I was shocked when I found that Omega 3 helps with autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, brain fog (I so hate brain fog), cognitive processes, smooth joint and muscle functioning, and the list goes on.  This research validated what I had already been experiencing.  I keep thinking how come no one ever told me the benefits of taking Omega 3?  I have seen so many Doctors during the last 16 years and not one of them has ever told met that Omega 3 could help with my illnesses.  Having said that, it matters not because now I know.  What a difference this Omega 3 has made in my life.  I will continue to note how everything goes over time but for now it seems to be helping.  In a word I have been blessed and I am thankful for the prayers, friends and the Omega 3.   

May you always be the victor in all your day to day battles. 
God Bless


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Friday, February 15, 2013


My Valentine

Pink Heart Shaped Tea Cups!!!

As anyone who knows me knows, my husband is my very own and true Valentine.  I think at times we make others a little sick to their stomachs actually.  We always get remarks like, "how long have you two been married, you act as though you got married yesterday",  "can you keep your hands off one another", and "we can’t even take a picture because he is always kissing you".  I always smile to myself when I hear things like this because for Eric and me it is just the way we are together.  We have had some beautiful Valentine's Days together over the years.  The best one was when we were living in Puerto Rico.  He took me to the Wyndham Casino and Hotel in Isla Verde.  We ate at a rooftop restaurant and we even visited the casino.

  Casinos are not our thing but the atmosphere was so captivating.  Ladies in beautiful dresses and gentlemen in splendid suits and beautiful and lavish surroundings.  The night was fabulous and he gave me a gold bracelet and he also bought me a star that year.  I know it is just really a novelty but all the same I felt he loved me so much that he could buy me a star.  He gave me a star, yes he did that!!!

This year we had to spend Valentine's Day apart but that is okay for we know that this is our life.  We will be together again and we will be just as happy as we always have been.  This year he got me a beautiful pink inside heart teacup and saucer set for my tea.  My daughter Tiffany and I have become quite the afternoon tea drinkers.  We love Twining's tea and especially love Prince of Wales tea by Twining's.  So she and I have been enjoying our tea.  

 Now this came about because of Pinterest.  Yeah, I love Pinterest and I want to make everything I see and have all the beautiful things I see on Pinterest. That does not happen much but with the tea cups and saucers, I had to have them.  I had mentioned it to him; OKAY I sent him the picture and said "Can I have these PapapaPlease!  Of course he replied and said "is this a tea set"?  Well the thing is I have tons of tea sets but I did not have this one.  

He once bought something and I said sweetie you haven't even used it.  He looked at me with all the love in his heart and said "how long have we been married" to which I replied "for a long time", then he said. "How many tea pots do we own" and I said "too many to count".  Then he really went for the jugular and said' "and how many times have I had tea" and I tried to protest by saying but I do enjoy my tea pots.  I look at them every day and you know tried to pass them off as decor items.  A girl never likes to loose. In the end I conceded and I let my prince win.  You notice I say I let him win, although he did have a point. 

But I digress, as I do sometimes.  So I got my beautiful tea cups and saucers and we love them very much.  They are prefect for Valentine's Day and really for me every day.  You know being a Girly Girl and all.   He did well as he always does.  Oh and I forgot to tell you the best part.  After he asked if it was a tea set, he then emailed me to say: “anything you want my sweet princess"!  Yay me, I am married to such a wonderful guy that loves me to pieces and truly he is my Valentine!

Here are my cups filled with delicious tea.  One for me and one for my beautiful and loving Tiffany.  
You did notice they are pink, right?

Hope everyone had a beautiful and happy Valentine's Day!


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