Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is my new beautiful Bunny. Her name is Miss Daisy. Miss Daisy is made from yarn which has been made into very thick pompoms and then sculpted. She was very time consuming. Her skirt is made out of several cupcake liners. I made her stand and added flowers, eggs and little chicks. Miss Daisy is now ready for Easter.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Here are some images of my new doll. She is a bisque doll and is in beautiful condition.
I got her for a very good price and I cleaned her up and gave her some woodland friends.
She is absolutely adorable.
Also, she is just the right size for the Japanese Re-Ments.
I will post some images of my Miniatures and Re-Ments later.

Notice the vintage Snow People. These are also a recent find.  I am so happy to add them to my collection of vintage things.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am on a new adventure. I have fallen in love with mixed media art. So I decided to try and make a few pieces of my own. It isn't that I have never made similar items before because I have. I just never really knew what to call my art. Now it has a name! I have been saving up little things like vintage cupcake picks, ribbons, lace, tiny decorations, bottle brush tree and paper items. Anyway, I took some old Bunny Cupcake Picks and I made crepe paper dresses and chenille bodies. Just like that, I have beautiful little Bunny Dolls. I decorated them and gave each girl a chick. One of them I even gave a glass lamp works bead as her purse. I decorated pink bottle brush trees with tiny eggs and placed everything inside cupcake boxes with windows. I added Easter grass and then I closed them up and added a larger chick on top with some tiny Easter Eggs. I love how they turned out. Aren't they lovely?


Here is my most recent find. It is a hand mirror made of hard paste porcelain and hand painted. It is signed by the artist. I do not think that it is a turn of the century item although they had these then. The mirror on it is to new, unless it has been replaced at some point. It is a lovely piece and I am lucky to have found it. I found it at my favorite shop that I have actually had a booth in in the past. Matter of fact I plan to open my booth back up at the end of January.


Here is a picture of my Valentine's Day Tree and a close up of my favorite Angel Tree Topper holding her Valentine's Day Heart.


I so love vintage items and in particular vintage Holiday items. I was so happy to find a near mint set of Angels still in their original box. The box is kind of like a shoe box and they can be taken in and out easily. So I took them out and hung them on my Valentine's Day Tree. I have a red, pink and a white one. Their bodies are like spun silk and their beautiful faces are made from paper mache and hand painted. Here they are, aren't they lovely?


My Vintage 1950's 
Harold Gale Pink Santa

I have wanted this guy for a very long time but he always goes for a lot of money on eBay.  Recently I was lucky enough to get one that is in near mint condition for a fair price.  He arrived Monday and I gave him a beautiful little pink bottle brush tree and a paper mache bell with roses on it.  He looks absolutely beautiful.  Now I know he is for Christmas but I have to leave him out so I can enjoy him.

Now all I need to get my hands on is a beautiful vintage pink bottle brush wreath.  I have a reproduction but it is just not as pretty as the vintage ones I have seen.  Maybe one day I will find one to go with my Santa.

 I am tickled pink to have my vintage Harold Gale Pink Santa in my collection of vintage Christmas Decorations.  

See you soon, 


Tea Cottage Pretties


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