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Finally Getting Settled

But first a very special thank you to my new folowers!  I am so tickled to have you along...

Our New Home
These are buildings with three villas in each building. We have an elevator that takes us to our door and we park underneath the building. 

My family and I left our home in San Antonio, Texas on June 25th, 2014 and since then we have traveled many miles and we have stayed in many places.  We began our journey from Texas to Korea after selling our home.  We moved out and we stayed downtown on the Riverwalk for about eight glorious days.  I so enjoyed our stay as we took in much that the Riverwalk has to offer.  We dined out at many great restaurants, did a lot of people watching, went for long walks, walled to get breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Matter of fact we walked everywhere for everything we needed and I found that we all loved it.  I could very easily live in a downtown area and never leave......

My Laura Ashley Petitie Fleur China in it's new home in Korea.  This is a Kitchen cabinet with glass doors.  This was one of the features I fell in love with in our new home. 
Lace will be added soon..... 
and maybe a few more extra touches.....

We left San Antonio and visited with my son and his girl in Houston.  We stayed overnight and then headed to Mississippi to see my sister, her family and my mother.  We had a great time visiting and it was so hard to leave my loved ones behind, knowing I would be gone for two years.  We left my family and returned to San Antonio and we did some more visiting with family and friends.  We stayed on Fort Sam Houston as we were preparing to begin our journey out of the country.

My husband took our truck to Dallas so that it could be shipped to Korea and then we rented a car and got through the next few days.  Then on 15 July we let for Seattle, Washington.  We were supposed to leave for Korea the following day but there was a delay due to storms in Japan (our flight had to stop in Japan).  So we were delayed a few days and they put us in a glorious and beautiful Hotel.  We were provided with breakfast. lunch and dinner coupons in two of the most fabulous restaurants.

Our new Coffee Station
We brought these wall stickies with us from Texas.  
Love how they turned out. 
Sorry for the poor picture quality on this one. 

Then..... we left there to start our LONG HARD journey to Korea.  We started out very early in the morning feeling fresh and ready for our 13 hour flight.  We managed to board our flight and be seated without any problems and for the first four or five hours we mostly slept.  Then I woke up to the very long legged gentleman sitting behind me kicking me in the back, which continued for the rest of the entire flight.  Now it wasn't that he was intentionally kicking me in the back.  Matter of fact, I don’t think he ever even realized he had been kicking me.  He was a very tall gentleman and even his slightest movements would cause him to hit my chair.

I started cramping and having a hard time but I did not say anything to anyone.  I did get up every once in a while to move around, walk out the cramps and take a break from being hit in the back.    By the time we reached Japan I was in tears and I had a complete breakdown.   I just lost it and started crying profusely and I couldn't stop.  I was hot, sticky, tried and in incredible pain.  I just felt I couldn't take it anymore.

Little girl playing in Water Fountain in Pyeongtaek, Korea

Fortunately, my girls and my husband were doing very well.  The girls both had really good seats as did my husband and they all handled the trip much better than I did.  I kept up with them and tried to focus on my family to keep my mind off the pain.  We then got back on our plane and two hours later we arrived in Korea.  We got off the plane and in no time we were through customs and we were admitted into the country.

Once we were allowed into the country they took us to a beautiful hotel in Seoul, Korea.  We spent the next few days in the lush gardens, fancy restaurant and took in our first experiences in Korea.  For me it was at time to pull myself back together, heal a little bit and get ready to move to the base where we would be stationed at while here in Korea.  A few days later we moved to Camp Humphrey's in Pyoengtaek, Korea.

From Painting Class

Beverly's name:

Tiffany's name
There is no "F" in the Korean Alphabet so instead they use a "P" sounding letter so Tiffany becomes Tipphany. 

We have been here for about two months and during that time we stayed in a temporary villa and about a week ago we moved to our beautiful new villa with lovely views.  We received our household goods five days ago and we are putting our new home in order.  For the first time since the 25th of June, we have a home!  Our villa is small but well-appointed and it has a really nice feel to it.  I promise to share photos of our new place once I am done emptying all the shipping boxes.

During all this time we have roamed about in Korea and we have experienced some of the things that Korea offers.  We have tried several Korean restaurants and we have even found one that is our favorite.  It is called Withspoon.  It is a high end buffet styled restaurant and the food is not only well presented but it is delicious as well.   Tiffany and I have taken one Korean painting class and we will take more classes soon.  We have gone to several other cities and drove around exploring many areas and places.  We have shopped in two Korean department stores LotteMart and Emart. We have gone downtown exploring in Pyoengtaek and visited AK Plaza which is a giant high rise mall and also the train station.

AK Plaza (Train Station)

Once we get our home in order, we plan to start doing more things.  Our June Bug (youngest daughter) is in school and she is doing very well but we do have to schedule things around her school.  Also, I suffered from the injuries to my back and I have been in terrible pain since we arrived.  The pain is in my feet but they think it is coming from my back.  I have missed a lot of sleep and it has been very hard on me with all the work we have had on us.  Somehow I have managed to get most things done that needed to be done but every day is a struggle.  I have seen the Doctor five times and we still do not have an answer other than it is probably coming from my back.  I am not complaining, matter of fact, I am grateful that I have managed to push through and get everything take care of for my family.  I will however be relieved once my back and my feet stop screaming at me all the time.

Views outside our home

With all the miles and places we have visited on this journey we are so happy to finally be getting settled into our new home here in Korea.  We are looking forward to many new and excited adventures in our new home.  Hope you will stop by and visit me and join us on our journey.

Till next time,

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. YAAAAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
    Home at last! I am late to your post, but finally got here! You should see the smile on my face for you! Bless your heart!! Your poor back! Cold packs on your back followed by a hot bath. Helps me. Feet up higher than your head for a while at night, and a backrub from hubby! Certainly do hope you feel better soon. Please take it easy! You have lots of time to get the house done. But I know you love being there and that nesting instinct is going full tilt!!
    Love the pics you shared! The views are amazing! Again I am delighted yall are HOME now!
    Hugs to you!

    1. Hello Doni, still having a time with my feet but I am doing things when they will let me and having a ball. The pain I can handle (use to it) but the lack of sleep is so hard on me. Good news is we are finally settled. This has been a very long journey Doni but I know the experience will be worth it. Yes, NESTING instinct has kicked in to full overdrive. I am such a girl. Hugs, Beverly

  2. Hi Beverly,
    Have been reading your travel adventures to get to Korea. You are a very brave lady !! So happy for you that you finally arrived after a long hard journey. Hope you will soon feel better !
    Can imagine that you love to get your new home done and decorated. Love the pictures, beautiful views !

    Warm Hugs and Blessings to you and your family !!

    1. Thank you Wilma and yes it was a very long hard journey. I am not so sure if I am brave (I guess maybe) but the desire to stay together as a family was way stronger than my desire to not face the new and unknown. Eric and I have been apart for so long over the last few years that I just could not see doing another year apart. We needed to stay together as a family. I must say so far I am so happy that I made the choice that I made. Hugs, Beverly


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