Monday, December 23, 2013


My Fabric Prince 
Gift Angel Wings

This past weeks was quite a busy week, finishing up Christmas shopping, visiting with family and friends,  cleaning and planning for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.    The highlight was my good friend Mary came to visit from Korea.  I wanted to make something special for her so I decided on a personalized ornament - an Angel Wings ornament.  My friend is Mary and she helped me get through the year that Eric was deployed.  So I wanted to give her something that was symbolic of how much that meant to me.  I also wanted to make a few special gifts for some of the special people in my life so I ended up making a few pairs of wings.  I wanted to share them with my blog friends and I will even share the graphic if you would like to make them yourself. 

Here is the graphic, it is free for you to use so just click on it and then save it to your computer.  

To make the graphic I used a vintage card and my own hand drawn wings.  The card was actually used twice once for each side.  I just flipped them.  I had to tweak it some after I made my wings so it is better now. Just print on fabric and you can use it for your crafts. 


A few folks have asked me about printer fabric.  Here is what I used for these projects.  Just print on to the fabric and then iron on and/or sew on to your project. 

After I made them for others I made a set for me and Eric. 

Our ornament...


I printed four sets of wings per page.  You can use either image above, the single set or the four to a page set.  Be sure to line everything up and set your printer setting so that it prints a full page.  This will make them just the right size for ornaments.  Add your test or personalization and then print them out on printer fabric. 

You can add any text you would like to them to personalize them.  You could even add a nice quote, dates, etc.  I like this quote:

"Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings" 

It's A Wonderful Life

Cut some batting and fabric for backing.  I used a muslin fabric.  Layer them with print on top, then batting and last the fabric for the backing.  I left the backing fabric in a big square and trimmed it after I sewed it.  Then zigzag all the way around the wings.  Don't worry about the edges, you will cover them with lace or trim.  

Trim the wings around the edges (cutting the backing) and then add any trim or decorations you would like and a tiny bell.  Add a ribbon on the back for hanging.  Then you are finished and what a sweet gift. 

Here are Mary's Angel Wings.

Mary's ornament...

My Fabric Prince

You may remember awhile back I made some Fabric Us Dolls.  Here is the link to my dolls.  

Fabric Us Dolls

You can also find the instructions to make your very own fabric dolls on this post. 

I needed my Eric to pose for me so that I could make a Fabric Doll out of him as well.  I needed my Prince.  This past weekend Eric had a function to attend and it required that he wear his dress blues.  So I found the perfect opportunity to take his photo and make My Fabric Prince Doll.  

And here he is...

On the back I pinned Eric's Bronze Star awarded for his work while deployed. 

Here we all are together. 

(I will try to add better photos later, these did not come out very well) 

Now I wanted to share my Christmas  present from Eric because it is so lovely.  I wanted this handbag from ModCloth and I am so glad I got it.  It is a beautiful pinkish red vegan patent leather.  The clasp is lovely roses with a sparkly stone in each one.  It even came with a pretty scarf to tie on to it.  It is roomy with many pockets inside for all your trinkets and treasures.  It is a very well constructed and detailed handbag. 

 I just love my new handbag.

It is made by Collectif of London.

 (I am not being compensated in any way for showing you my handbag, just wanted to show it off). 

Well I am off to enjoy the Christmas Holiday with my family.  I want to wish everyone a beautiful, blessed and very Merry Christmas. 

Merry Christmas,


Tea Cottage Pretties

A special thank you and welcome to all my new followers. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Angel Wings 


British Things

I had been thinking about the beautiful wings I had been seeing on Pinterest.  I have seen quite a few on dress forms and I decided to make a small set to try my hand at making them.  

First I cut some muslin fabric into stripes.  

Then I boiled some tea bags and tea stained the strips.  Once stained I washed them and dried them and then of course I ironed them. 

Then I drew half of a wing on paper and folded the paper in half and cut them out.  This way both sides would be identical. 

I ran each strip of fabric through the sewing machine and hand ruffled the strips.  I then started sewing them on in rows.  Once I had almost completely covered the wings, I made a center piece to sew on.  This piece was half the length of the other pieces and I stitched it down the center so that both sides would be equal.  Then I stitched the bottom end of the strips together just to make them look neater.  I then added this piece to both sides of the wings.  Then I selected some lace (a vintage piece a friend had given to me) and I added some small strips of fabric and tied a bow and hanger to the wings (see last photo below). 

When I finished I added a rhinestone crown button to the center of the bow and this is how it turned out. 

Next time I think I will try making one out of lace. 


British Things...

I was delightfully excited when I recently received a brooch I won on eBay for $3.00.  It was a  Crown and wreath brooch from Buckingham Palace.  I was tickled to have won the auction for only $3.00 and I was excited about receiving it.   It arrived and I opened it to find my new lovely brooch complete with original box and paperwork. 

Inside the box I found not only the brooch but a coin pendant that the seller had graciously enclosed with the brooch.  When I wrote to thank her for the gift she simply said "Glad you like it" and "Merry Christmas".   I am delighted with both of my precious treasures but even more touched that someone did something so nice just for the sake of being nice. 



So I took the coin and made a bow pin out of it.  

Now I can wear it. 

The only problem now is do I wear the Crown and Wreath Brooch or the Coin Brooch first???

I love these kind of problems....

Off to make something else..

See you when I crawl out from under my sewing machine, 


Tea Cottage Pretties

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I'm Making Christmas....

Gifts That Is...

My Fibromyalgia decided to flare-up and I have had a couple of hard weeks but it finally calmed down a little and I have taken full advantage of it.   I have been wrapping gifts, putting the final touches on our home decor and making gifts.  I was so worried because I had in my mind what I wanted to make for my mom and for my sister.  I did not know if I was going to be able to get to it before Christmas and I am so tickled that I was not only able to get their gifts made but do a few extra things as well.  

For my mom I wanted to make a Bible cover.  I wanted to make a fabric collage altered art styled cover however, I needed it to be simple for my mom to carry.  Mom has trouble getting around and I wanted her to have something pretty and practical that she could easily carry to Church.  So my sister sent the measurements and I set about making a Bible cover/tote for my mom.  

First I wanted to create a graphic to put on the front of her cover and I also wanted to make 2 fabric pins for my mom and sister to wear.  My sister told me what she wanted on them and used a vintage image to make the graphics.  I printed them out on printer fabric. 

Then I measured and cut out my fabric and my batting.  

Then I stitched it and left an opening so that I flip it right side out. 

I flipped it and ironed on my graphic.  

I added some simple lace around the graphic. 

Then I measured and cut pockets to go on the inside to slide the Bible covers into.  I hemmed both of them and ironed them and pinned them so that I could attach them to the Bible cover. 

I stitched each side in as close to the edge as I could manage to stitch them.  I stitched around the entire piece which closed up the opening I had left to flip the cover. 

Then I added a bow with pearls buttons and a pink rose button.  Oh and i forgot I added some extra lace trim along the edge of the ruffled lace. 

I added some blue ribbon for a ribbon bookmark inside and a piece on the back to wind around the pink rose button to hold it closed. 

I love how it turned out.  I wanted it to be simple, pretty and user friendly so that my mom could manage to use it and enjoy it.  Here are a few more photos. 

Next I made the pins for my mom and sister.   I printed them out with the Bible cover graphic. 

 I cut out the graphic, fabric and plastic and stitched them together. 

I added lace trim around the edges. 

Then I added a pin back. 

Finally I added tiny pink bows, flowers and a pearl. 

  I wanted so much to make these for my mom and sister and I am so happy that I was able to finish them.  

I am off to the Post Office..... 

Hope my mom likes her new Bible cover/tote.

See you when I finished my next project.  Will it be a purple tutu skirt, a set of Angel wings or a handbag?????

Happy Gift Making,  


Tea Cottage Pretties 

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