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Fabric Dolls - Us Dolls 
And a 
Earring Card

Us Dolls

A couple of weeks ago I made the cutest fabric doll from a vintage paper doll.  I made her to go into my jewelry box and to hold a few special vintage brooches that I own.  You can see her here: Once Upon A Paper Doll. I really love how she turned out and making her made me think of other ways I could use printer fabric and so I had this idea that I could make US DOLLS.

 I wanted to make fabric dolls of myself and my girls.  I started by first selecting photos to use and I put them in a photo editor and worked on them until I had something resembling a paper doll of each of us.  Once I got them just the way I wanted them I put them into one image and made a sheet of three dolls.  I printed them out to make sure they looked good and then printed them on to fabric paper.  Once I did this, I layered them with 2 layers of batting and a canvas fabric backing.  I stitched around them (single stitch) and then I cut them out.  Once I had them cut out I zigzag stitched around them and then I went to work adding all sorts of the details to them.  

Us Dolls

Now when my husband comes home, I intend to make an Eric doll to go with our US dolls.  Every girl needs her Prince. 

Here are some more photos of our Us Dolls. 

These would be great Christmas tree decorations.  You could take photos of your family members, especially the children, each year and add them to your tree.  You could even print on the canvas fabric on the back and put the name and year.  These would be great gifts as well.  The possibilities are endless, just imagine....

You can add any embellishments you like to these and make them your own.  I added a pink bow, teacup and crown to me.  Then for Tiffany I used a glass owl and a bow in her hair and a rhinestone heart button for sparkle.  June got a kawaii (that's Japanese for the cuteness) deer and a bow and of course a rhinestone heart button as well.  

Just let your imagination take over and think what you could do with this idea.  I LOVE technology and the ability to manufacture things from home. 

Earring Card

So while I was working on this project, I had something else on my mind.  I love The Graphics Fairy and recently she posted an adorable perfume label and I so wanted to use it for something.  I am still working on my jewelry box; it has become a labor of love.  I needed something to put my earrings on and I thought this label was perfect. 

Here is the label and a link to The Graphics Fairy's fabulous, awesome, stupendous, treasure trove of a website, if ever there was one. 

Please please don't use this image.  Simply click on The Graphics Fairy to go to her site and please give her credit if you decide to use this image for any projects.  I just wanted you to see the graphic.  

To make my earring card, I simply printed out the image and ironed it on to a plastic grid (these can be found in the craft section) and added a bow.  The print fabric was the iron on type so this worked great.  Also, you have to be careful not to melt the plastic grid.  I used a small towel over the fabric and grid to make sure I did not melt it.  You can punch holes through the plastic grid in the openings. 

Here is my new earring card with my earrings on it.  I love how it turned out and I made 2 more graphics so that I will have them for future earrings. 

Earring Card Featured at
Le Chateau Des Fleur

Thank you Isabelle for such a wonderful compliment.

Want to see how I made the bird earrings and the rose earrings?  Visit my post about them here:
Antique Porcelain Upcycled Jewelry
Goodies That Sparkle And To Wear

Here are my Us Dolls and my Earrings Card at home in my Jewelry Box!!!

I had a lot of fun making both the dolls and the earring holder.  Next I will be making some Coconut Ice.  Be sure to come back and visit us here at Tea Cottage Pretties. 

Happy Crafting, 

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Hello! Beverly!
    I am thrilled to have you visit me and thank you for your lovely comments. So happy to have you as a new follower!
    Toooooo cute! I LOVE these paper dolls! I love paper dolls and have been collecting them since I was a child. I bought a lot of them for my daughter when she was little and have saved them. I have hers, mine and a few that belonged to my mother.
    What a creative idea to make your own paper dolls! Would never have thought of it.
    I love the jewellery card, too! What a great idea! I have so much vintage jewellery and what a nice and very pretty way to organize it all, I'm going to have to "copy" this idea.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!
    Will visit again soon.

    1. Elizabeth, thank you ever so kindly for visiting us. I would be delighted if you made an earring card for yourself, that is why I share my ideas and projects. I am very delighted to meet you and thank you so much for your kind words. I am delighted to have you with us as well!!!!!! Hugs, Beverly

      PS I had been replying to everyone and because of some settings on my computer, I did not realize that no one got my replies or messages when I would post on their blogs. I have it all worked out now so back to having fun.

    2. Great job! I love this idea so much! Thanks for sharing!Would love to have you visit my blog sometime.
      Have a fabulous week!
      Hugs from Portugal,

      Ana Love Craft

      Enjoy your day!
      Hugs and love from Portugal,

      Ana Love Craft

  2. Darling. Featured and PINNED. Thanks for linking to What to do Weekends. Linda

    1. You ladies make me blush!!! Thank you ever so kindly!!!

  3. Hi Beverly,
    Well, aren't you having fun! Everything is so fanciful and cute. I like The Graphics Fairy too. Thank you for sharing at my HOME and have a lovely weekend.


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I came by to check out your blog and follow you back. I am excited about reading your blog and getting to know you! You blog is so cute!!

    1. Thank you Betty for the visit, the follow and you nice comment. Glad to make your acquaintance and look forward to following you in your journey. Hugs, Beverly

  5. This is sooooo cool! Thanks for linking!

  6. Featuring you tomorrow on my blog too! XOXO

  7. Hmmm, I thought I left you a comment on this post??? Well, let me remedy that right now! GREAT JOB!! Love those dolls...and the earring cards too! Your jewelry box is most inviting!!
    I'm so excited for you and the girls!!! I hope your week has been fabulous and that this weekend will be one of lots of fun and happiness for you all.
    Blessings and hugs,
    And thanks so much for joining my party!!

  8. How very cute - I have never seen anything like these! Very original!

  9. Hello :) I am new on your blog, but I literally spent all day looking through your posts. I am so glad I found it. They are so comforting and warm and so girly at the same time. I love it. I too suffer from body pains and extreme fatigue that started two years ago and anemia runs in my family, I am currently in search of a good doctor here where I live to run some tests and test for fibro (my aunt has fibro). I am almost positive I have it, it is just now getting the tests done to confirm. When I stumbled upon your blog and read you too suffer with this I didn't feel so alone anymore. I also saw that I am not alone in sharing the love of collecting porcelain pieces. Again so happy I found your blog I enjoy reading your posts so much



    1. Hello Crystal, it is very nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting me and for spending time with me. I sure hope you do not have Fibro but I also know when I was looking for answers I was almost relieved once I finally had a DX. Some days are good days for me and some are really bad, the rest are somewhere in between. I have learned to plan and function around my pain and my illnesses. Each day is a different experience. For me the extreme fatigue was/is the hardest part. Pernicious anemia is a terrible thing. I get B-12 shots every week. My husband gives them to me now!!! I so hope you can find yourself a really good Doctor that understands and can help you. It also takes time to find meds that help you and make your days better. It helps me as well to know I am not alone. Do come by and visit me. Hugs, Beverly


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