Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Schools Starting :(

A Purse Of My Very Own


#22  Limoges Coffee Pot

We have been super busy here at Tea Cottage Pretties. I have two beautiful girls that I have been trying to get ready for school.  I always hate it when my babies go back to school.  True story:  I went to provide proof of residence for my youngest at her school.  While there the secretary asked if I was glad school was starting back and I immediately said "NO".  She looked at me kind of funny and said "really????"  I said  "no, I am never ready for my girls to go back to school".  I haven't even gotten over having to send them for their first day of school when they were little. She told me I was different from most parents and that usually they are so ready for the children to go back to school. Well I am not that parent I guess but I will be okay and we will get into our routine. My girls do very well in school and I am very proud of them. That is once we finish getting ready.... almost there......

In other news.....

A Purse of My Very Own

I love the purses I have been making and I so enjoy designing them with all the little details. There are a few things I do not like about every pattern I have  found so this made me think, maybe I should make my own pattern and tweak it to my liking.  So I am currently educating myself in the school of purse making.  I love the interwebs because there are so many wonderful tutorials out there.  Just about anything you want to learn is out there somewhere.  It does take a lot of research and sorting through the tutorials but eventually you will find what you need. After much research this past week and a lot of hours and hard work I now have 2 purse patterns that I am working on.  For the next few weeks I will be working on my new adventure. Who knew a simple idea would lead to me thinking about designing beautiful purses even in my sleep. Yes, I have been dreaming of all sorts of ideas while sleeping. Once I get everything worked out perfectly I will post a picture of my new purse. Maybe in the near future I can offer them for sale. We will see where this takes me. 

#22 Limoges Coffee Pot

Also, this week I wanted to share some more of my Limoges pieces.  I wanted to choose something extra special so I chose my Limoges Coffee Pot.  This piece is very stunning and it is actually my favorite of all my Limoges pieces. Well at least one of my favorites. It is highly detailed with beads, 22K gold designs and trim, beautiful handpainted roses and lovely shades of blue (with fading).  I took lots of photos to show the fabulous details of this piece.  I am a detail person and it so appeals to me.  

Here is a picture I took of it when I first got it about 5 years ago. 

And here are my new pictures taken for this weeks post. 



Close Up 
Elite marking after 1900's 

To all the Moms and Children starting back to school, we wish everyone a great year!  
With Fall on the way it is time to start thinking about pumpkins and spices and good Family times together.  I am waiting patiently for that first crisp feeling in the air, telling me that Fall is in fact on it's way.  Of course living in South Texas it may be a while yet so I won't wish my days away. I am just happy to know that the very HOT summer is almost over. 

Thank you ever so kindly for visiting and come again.

Tea Cottage Pretties would like to wish everyone a very Happy Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


A Very Good Week and Much To Share

I have so much to share this week.  First I am happy to report that I have been feeling GREAT.  My Fibromyalgia has been under control as well as my Pernicious Anemia.  It kind of worked out great because we spent last week cleaning out our closets and preparing for a BIG yard sale. We did have our yard sale on Saturday and we got rid of tons of stuff and made some good money.  I always try to think of my yard sales as people stopping by and paying me to carry off the things I no longer need or use. As my girls get older they thin out their toys and clothes and it is nice to pass things on to others. Always recycle and reuse. 

While cleaning out my closets I found my sweet little porcelain night light. I had completely forgotten about this sweet vintage light.  I immediately took it and replaced a broken bulb with a pink one.  I cleaned it up and sat it on my bedside table. Finally I have a sweet little night light and to think it was there all the time, just lost waiting for me to find it again. Here are some pictures of my night light. Note it still has the original sticker on it from Japan. 

Vintage Night Light

Now I am not a  TV person and I do not make a habit of watching it however, my DH loves to watch.  So we were watching the Andy Griffith Show and Barney mentioned that he and Thelma Lou usually watch TV and share CASHEW FUDGE on Friday nights.  I looked at my husband and said Cashew Fudge??  Well we grabbed our laptop and googled Cashew Fudge and we were so surprised when we found  Thelma Lou's Cashew Fudge Recipe. So we checked our cabinets and all we really needed to make it was the cashews. Off to the store I went, it was my shopping day anyway.  After dinner my DD and I made this fudge in about 30 minutes. It is not hard to make at all, it turned out fabulous and I must say it is so very good.  It is a combination of sweet, salty, gooey, crunchy goodness.  I am sure it is very high in calories so it is not something I would eat often but it is a great treat to have occasionally. Not to mention you could really WOW your friends and/or guest with this one. 

And here is
Thelma Lou's Cashew Fudge

 You can find the recipe here:

Like I said I have much to share this week.  My Mom was sick a few weeks ago and it was a very hard time for me.  Our Blessing was that she got better after we figured out it was a new medicine she was taking.  My Mom is doing much better now but it was a scary time for all of those who love her.  Now all better, she saw a picture of my handbag I made last week and she called me and said "where's my handbag?"  I told her that I would be more than happy to make one for her and that I was so glad that she liked it.  So I did just that and I must say it felt so good to know that I can do this for her. I am thankful that she is here and I am thankful that I could make something special just for her.  

I then worked on a bracelet that I had collected all my goodies to make.  I love to make little jewelry pieces and I loved how the bracelet turned out.  I fashioned it a little like the Betsy Johnson bracelets that I so love.  There are beads on a stretchy cord and then a chain with my pretties on it.  There is a crown with rhinestones, glass owl, engagement ring, large pearl with topper and a black bow. 

Then I went back to making handbags with the Ellen Medlock Interchangeable 1 Handbag Pattern.  Okay I can't call them handbags, this is driving me nuts. Every time I go to type handbag I start typing purse and then I have to correct it.    My Grandma and my Mom always used the term purse.  I was raised saying purse so from here on out I will call it a purse, it just feels more natural to me.

I made a black lace overlay purse. It is perfect for an evening bag but being a Girly Girl I will probably carry it just because. If I am wearing black it can go with me. It is hard to photograph black lace but I tried to capture it so that you could see the lace. I added a beautiful flower pin and a silver engagement ring ornament. Isn't is the cutest?

I had picked up a few goodies lately and they go so well with my purse and my new bracelet that I made. I also picked up a tiara for a great price.  I think I shall wear it while I wash dishes.

For my last item this week, I have a very special purse to share with you.  I love the look of those fabric book pages.  I love the lace and sweet details that make them so beautiful.  With this in mind I decided I would make a purse with a similar look and feel.  I started with a muslin fabric, added a beautiful lace overlay, worked on images that I could print on fabric and selected all sorts of decorative things to add to my purse.  The images are all vintage perfume images with overlays of crowns, the Eiffel Tower, perfume bottles, etc.  To personalise my purse one print has Tea Cottage Pretties on it and the other has Beverly and Eric on it.  This purse is gorgeous and I love love love how it turned out. It is a LOT more work and cost a LOT more than the other bags but the results are stunning. I added fabric flowers, rhinestone button, crochet trim, a lace bow and Eiffel Tower ornament. 

 The graphics on my new purse are courtesy of:


The collages and overlays were created by me....

There are a lot of photos for you. I made a few of them a little darker so that you can see the details. 

Front of Purse

Back of Purse
(Darkened so you can see the details)

 Inside of Purse showing pockets trimmed in crochet trim.

This concludes my post for the week. I told you I had a lot I wanted to share. Hope you enjoyed and please come back by to visit me soon. 

I now have 50 Followers and I am Tickled Pink!  This means so very much to me. I appreciate each and everyone of you and I hope you enjoy visiting my little blog. I love to hear from folks so feel welcome to leave a comment. And again Thank You Ever So Kindly!!!!

See you soon, Beverly 
Tea Cottage Pretties

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Interchangeable Handbag

This Blog Post was updated on 8/21/2012

I always love beautiful fabric and whenever I find some I love I am always thinking "what can I make with this?"  So with that in mind I started researching handmade handbags and patterns.  I finally came across a sweet pattern that I loved. 

This pattern requires the use of an interchangeable 1 purse handle.

 I was in love!!!

So I ordered my pattern and this particular one comes with the handle. It is the Interchangeable1 Bag. There are actually several different styles and sizes.  I just loved this particular style. You can get the handle in different finishes including silver, gold, and antique bronze.   

This is a very nice pattern and the finished product is fabulous.  The pattern is easy to follow and the instruction book is really helpful and well written. Ellen Medlock has done a great job of explaining everything.  Also, this kit comes with the handle and pattern.  Therefore if you are a beginner I do highly recommend this nice pattern. 

The pattern is pricey compared to other handbag patterns.  It does not include all the pieces for everything you need to cut out including the optional inside pocket. Instead it tells you the measurements of those pieces and you have to make a little pattern part for yourself (or cut on a cutting mat with inches on it).  Although that is simple enough for anyone to do.  

You can find her here:  Ellen Medlock on Etsy

You can find the handles online as well. I ordered the antique bronze (with the pattern)
 and I also ordered a silver handle and chain from Etsy. 

Here is the link for the Etsy shop that I got my silver handle from,
 it was less expensive this way.

Here are some more links for Handbag Patterns

Check out the handbag patterns at  
This site offers affordable pattern downloads. She seems to be really helpful and supportive of those that purchase her patterns.  She also seems to take great pride in the success of others.  

I also recommend that you check out the FREE handbag patterns here:
Tip Junkie
There are some fabulous patterns here. 

Matter of fact there are literally tons of FREE patterns for handbag out there. 

 Back to my story, all my goodies arrived in the mail and I set about making my handbag.  I had previously bought all the materials I need: Fabric, Interfacing and Thread.  I made my handbag in a few hours not counting the bow which I fashioned myself to add to the bag. This is how it turned out. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my new handbag. 

Here are my supplies.

I am delighted with how it turned out. I added a cute little mirror and of course my handmade bow.  The best part is the handle comes off and I can make different handbags to use with my handles.  This Girly Girl is very pleased with her new handbag. 

I think my new Ellen Medlock Interchangeable 1 Handbag is Fabulous! 

I  am also counting my blessings this week because my beautiful Mom was very sick and she is all better now.  When she saw my handbag, she called and said "where's my purse?" I told her I would be more than happy to make one for her.  I am glad she is feeling better and I am glad I can make one for her.  So next week you will find me at the sewing machine making a purse for my Mom!!!!!


See you soon, Beverly

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Crafting: DIY Crowns and Bracelet Display Stand. 

DIY Crowns

This weekend I decided to do some crafting. I started with making crowns for me and my two DDs. We bought some WIDE crochet trim and we cut it to size and stitched it together on the sewing machine.  Next we used fabric stiffener and placed the crowns on a round laminated poster so that they would dry and stay shaped.  Once the front was dry enough I pealed them off and let stand to dry the inside (the backside would not dry well while sitting on laminate).  The next day we each picked our paint out and we painted them with a brush. I used regular Folk Art paint and had no problems with it at all, they came out fabulous. We then picked our glitter color and we added glitter.  Then we went through all my crafting supplies and picked out the things we loved to go on our crowns.  I hot glued our decorations to our crowns and we were done. They came out really cute. These are great for parties, pretend play and or decoration. 

Here is our resident model showing off each crown. 

Now my beautiful DDs love their crowns but I must say we made a BIG mess and it took awhile to clean it up.  I of course ended up doing most of the work.  I guess that is how it is for Moms everywhere.  The mess can always be cleaned up in a few minutes but the memories will last a lifetime.   Today my little girls are Princesses and  I love my Princesses so very much. And of course I am the BIG Princess in charge. 

On to something special for me. 

DIY Bracelet Stand 
from Store Bought Stand

My second project was to recover a store bought bracelet stand and make it my very own.  I started by figuring out how to take it apart. As it turned out it was stapled and was pretty easy to pull apart.  I then pulled all the black velvet type stuff off of it and cleaned each piece up.  I covered the pieces with white felt and then cut and covered with my fabric.  I used the fabric I pulled off the stand to cut what I needed from the new fabric.  I hot glued the new fabric back on making sure to fold the ends over. I then put the stand back together but I used nails in the bottom and glue.  then to hide the seams I added pink sequins and pretty decorations to include a bow, flower and a crystal.  I think it turned out just darling.....

I love how this turned out it goes perfectly with my decor. 

This is truly my aesthetic.

From crating to cleaning our closets and moving furniture to relaxing in the bathtub. 

I was able to get so much done today because my hubby cooked dinner for us today.  He made enchiladas and Spanish rice. It was the best dinner ever. 

My tip for today.  Do you have a beautiful vintage tea pot that you love? 

 Put your bath salts in it and then pour through spout for a nice long bath. 
It makes a lovely display and is quite useful!

The Tea Pot is a vintage Sadler pot.  It has sweet pink roses in it. 

The problem was I needed a container for my bath salt.  
We are cleaning out all our closets and rearranging some furniture and stuff. 
This usually leads to me rethinking how I use things in our home. 
Add all this together and you get bath salt in a tea pot. 

Also in this picture Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Candle Holders. 

I got them from Target years ago. Each one opens with one side being a door that latches. 
I tried to capture the flicker of the candles for you. 

The table is actually a vintage typing table (metal) that I painted and then hand painted pink roses on it. I love it so much I was never able to sell it. In the sugar shaker is my powder and the glass apothecary has my epsom salt. 

It was hard to capture an image for you of the bath salt coming out of the spout while holding the camera and all but at least you can get the idea.  

From all the Princesses here at Tea Cottage Pretties - 

have a great week and we will see ya soon. 


Tea Cottage Pretties

Thursday, August 2, 2012


 Teacups and Tiaras
 Crafting Goodies 
and Cheese.......

Here at Tea Cottage Pretties we not only love teacups but we love tiara and all things sparkly.  Today I went  by our local Hobby Lobby and I was looking through the Wedding Items and I found the MOST fabulous Tiara Napkin Ring Holders/ The best part was that they were on sale for 50% off.  They are so fabulous that I had to share them with my all my friends here on my blog. They will be on sale through Saturday so if you reside in the US and want a set for your very own stop by and grab them now. I can't wait to add them to my Tea Room. 

In the box

Outside the box

Mixed with vintage items

I also ordered a handbag pattern and handle kit. I am so excited about this item.  It is an interchangeable handle so I can make different handbags to put on it. I will  post a full story once I get it made.  I can not recommend this kit yet but if all goes well I will be sure to let you know. 

I also got a beautiful pink fabric with Tea Pots and such and a coordinating green with small polka dots (color does not show well in photo) and ribbon to make my first handbag.  I got pliers for split rings for making jewelry.  I got some extra wide crochet type trim to make crowns and the fabric stiffener needed for this project. My girls and I are going to be making the crowns!!! I also found a PINK pin cushion for $2.00 (could not pass that up).  Last but not least I got some beautiful jewelry making supplies. I got a LAUGH charm, 2 mirror charms, bead charm and I got two very beautiful closures. You can not see them well in the photo but on is a crown with rhinestones and it has a bar that goes through it.  The other is a sparkle ring with a hook closure, they are adorable.  Now I must wait till I feel much better so I can have fun crafting and sewing. 

Now I just need some interfacing for my handbag and a rhinestone bow.

Mozzarella Cheese Anyone?

To top off the week my  DH and I made our very own MOZZARELLA CHEESE!
I can not believe how much fun and how easy it was to make. It turned out fabulous. 

There are MANY recipes around the interwebs or you can purchase a kit and/or needed items at a Beer Making Supply Store or Fresh Food Market. 

Here is a link to a Recipe for Mozzarella Cheese. 
Give it try, have fun and enjoy! 

I am now up to 48 Followers and I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for visiting me and for following me. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 


Tea Cottage Pretties


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