Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here is one of my Nancy Ann dolls hanging out with her kitty cats by the Easter house.
Doesn't she look cute? See kitty cats in previous post.

This particular Nancy Ann is from the days of the week collection and she is Sundays Child.
If anyone knows anymore about her please leave a comment.


I have really develop a love for needle felting and I was inspired to make this pretty cat. My DD has a little cat that looks something like this one which was my inspiration. I love her vintage binding ribbon. She is standing on a vintage kitty cat noise maker. It is one of those that you turn upside down and then flip it back up and it makes a sound. It is adorable. Also in the picture is a little kitty that I purchased at Hobby Lobby and then I dressed it up in a vintage pink plastic hat and ribbons and a flower. She turned out cute. She was also my inspiration to make a cat. Both of the kitty cats belong to my vintage Nancy Ann dolls.
If you are interested in buying the noisy maker I got it off Etsy. The shop is called dollsandlace. I hope the nice lady there won't mind my sharing. She also has lots of other cool kitschy items. Click here to see her shop


Here is my new Pixie Elf Knee Hugger. I had this guy laying around for some time and he was begging for a makeover. So I did just that!!! I made him new clothes using felt and gave him lots of beautiful embellishments. I even gave him wings made from sparkling leaves. Take a look at this pictures of him. Isn't he sweet. I just had to save this guy. He is for sale on Etsy in my Tea Cottage Pretties Shop.

Monday, March 22, 2010


A very cute Nancy Ann Doll of mine. 


Vintage Paper Mache Bunnies

I love all things vintage and that includes paper mache.  These sweet bunnies were not it the best shape so I cleaned them up and gave them each a fresh coat of paint.  I wanted them to look like a girl and boy so I painted one pink and one of them blue.  Then I added a vintage ribbon binding bow around their neck and accented the bow with flowers.  They are just so precious.  They look like they are kissing.  

Here is my pink girl.

And here is my little blue boy

Aren't they sweet!!!


Tea Cottage Pretties


Happy Valentine's Day To Me
My DH bought me this Cider set for my Valentine's Day present. I have not had a chance to take pictures of it until now but I wanted to show it off. The Cider Pitcher is quite large and has a Bavarian mark. There are actually 6 cups that are all marked T&V Limoges. This set is beautifully hand painted. I just love it.
Thank you Baby.....

Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is one of my vintage mugs.
This one is the Lamb.
I put a lovely bottle brush tree inside the mug for a nice Easter display.
I think they look cute together.


This has got to be the coolest thing ever. I like to collect those Re-Ment Miniatures from Japan. Well I have a little kitchen set that has vintage looking dishes in it and the tiny mugs you see in the picture are from that set. These miniatures were produced in the last year or so. Now the BIG mugs you see are actual vintage items that date from around the 1950's. They are marked Japan on the bottom. If you look at the photo you will see that the tiny Re-Ment Miniatures are identical to my vintage mugs. The vintage mugs actually came four in a set and I have all four. There was a bunny, lamb, duck and chick. The Re-Ment Miniatures only had the duck and chick in the set. I was so tickled when I realized my new old store stock Mugs matched my miniatures.

If you have never seen Re-Ment Miniatures look them up on eBay or on Etsy. They are the most fabulous miniatures ever. They are high quality and oh so sweet, but be careful you may have to have a few sets.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tiny Pink needle Felted Bear

I love to needle felt and I am self thaught.  I learned watching some videos and by just jumping in and doing it.  

My lastest creations is the tiny pink bear that is so small he fits right inside one of those plastic Easter eggs.   He has glass eyes and sports a vintage seam binding ribbon bow around his neck.  His head, arms and legs move so that he can be posed.  

Here I have him sitting on a tiny antique Limoges butter pat with his pink egg. 

  Isn't he adorable!

Having fun needle felting!
Have you tried it yet?


Tea Cottage Pretties


Teal Blue Bottle Brush Wreath

I love vintage bottle brush decorations. 

I am so excited!!!

 I just got my newest Bottle Brush Wreath today.  It is so fabulous!  It is teal blue and has heavy flocking and mica on it.  It came with the original box and in great condition.  I did have to clean it up.  I simply gave it a little spray with some cleaner and a bit of bleach (I took a chance, this could have been a disaster).  This brought the flocking back to a beautiful snowy white color as it had yellowed a bit with age.  I also gave it a new bow and I may try to find one that is more of a teal blue later on but I had this beautiful blue on hand.  I think it looks really nice with the wreath.  This is actually the nicest bottle brush wreath I have and it is of course my new favorite.  Oh and I painted a wreath stand that I have a teal blue to match the wreath.  Aren't they lovely together.  I am just so tickled to have this new wreath.

Bottle Brush Wreaths bring back memories of Christmas as a child for me.  They also good well with any Shabby Chic decor.  Just lovely!!!!

Here is a photo of the back of my new wreath. 

I just love it with the stand I painted to match. 

This is going to look fabulous with my Blue Christmas decorations!

See you soon, 


Tea Cottage Pretties 


Happy Easter

Decorating and Crafting

Easter in my most favorite Holiday.  There are many things I love about Easter and I especially love to decorate for this time of the year.  The Spring colors are my favorite colors, pinks, blues and soft pastels have always been special to me.  I adore all the bunnies, chicks and the nostalgia of Easter as a child.  

This year I made a Bunny Tree Topper.  I found this bunny at one of my favorite spots and he was plain white and in need of some TLC.  So I bought him home and I made him into a wand, painted him pink and decorated him with all sorts of lovely goodies.  I thought about selling him in my booth but then I fell in love with him and he found a home on the top of my Easter Tree.  He just hopped right up there.

Isn't he adorable.....

The tree is a small pink one that I decorate for 
almost ecery Holiday.  

Having fun decorating. 


Tea Cottage Pretties


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