Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Teal Blue Bottle Brush Wreath

I love vintage bottle brush decorations. 

I am so excited!!!

 I just got my newest Bottle Brush Wreath today.  It is so fabulous!  It is teal blue and has heavy flocking and mica on it.  It came with the original box and in great condition.  I did have to clean it up.  I simply gave it a little spray with some cleaner and a bit of bleach (I took a chance, this could have been a disaster).  This brought the flocking back to a beautiful snowy white color as it had yellowed a bit with age.  I also gave it a new bow and I may try to find one that is more of a teal blue later on but I had this beautiful blue on hand.  I think it looks really nice with the wreath.  This is actually the nicest bottle brush wreath I have and it is of course my new favorite.  Oh and I painted a wreath stand that I have a teal blue to match the wreath.  Aren't they lovely together.  I am just so tickled to have this new wreath.

Bottle Brush Wreaths bring back memories of Christmas as a child for me.  They also good well with any Shabby Chic decor.  Just lovely!!!!

Here is a photo of the back of my new wreath. 

I just love it with the stand I painted to match. 

This is going to look fabulous with my Blue Christmas decorations!

See you soon, 


Tea Cottage Pretties 

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  1. OMG you are so lucky. I have looked for one of these forever. It is beautiful. WOW!!!!!!!!!


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