Sunday, March 31, 2013


White Lace Cameo Handbag

I just wanted to write a short little blog post this evening so that I could share my new white lace handbag with everyone.  I made this handbag several months ago but I had never finished it because I did not have the "right" things to adorn it with until recently.  While enjoying a show with my Tiffany last night, I finally got it done.  I think it is beautiful and fantastic for springtime.  

I so love crafting and making things with my hands.  There is so much satisfaction in creating something beautiful.  It is also very therapeutic for me.  My next handbag will be a stamped burlap with a Paris design.  Be sure to come back and visit to see it soon!

Have a beautiful crafty day
Tea Cottage Pretties 

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Spring Crafting and Easter

Spring is here and for some reason I always want to make something beautiful this time of year.   So I am in a crafting sort of mood.  Now this does not mean that I will actually find the time to do any crafting but I can sure have fun thinking about things I want to make and buying the supplies.  Then maybe soon I will get around to making something.   

Today my girls wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and you never have to ask me twice to go there.   While at Hobby Lobby I found so much inspiration.  I fell in love with a burlap fabric they had that looks as though it is stamped with all sorts of PARIS things on it.  As soon as I saw it, I though this would make a beautiful handbag and as soon as I can I am going to make it.  Here is my new beautiful burlap fabric. 

I also found all sorts of other crafting goodies to include buttons, jewelry, ribbon, lace medallions, ink, stamp, bookmarks to make and hair pins. Oh and some really cool burlap stamped ribbon.  

I don't have a lot of extra time right now but I did manage to make myself some bows that I can clip to my shoes or wear as a pin.  I used the ribbon above and some rhinestone crowns and pin backs to make them.  You can see them in the picture with all my supplies but here they are on my shoes.  

I just adore these little crochet type shoes.  They are perfect for spring and oh so comfy to wear.  All they needed was a little bling and a girly PARIS bow!!!

Be sure to watch in the near future for a handbag made from my new burlap fabric!!
  I am so excited!!!

Easter is right around the corner and I have planned a meal for my mom and my children.  Mom will be going to visit my sister for a while so that I can have a break.  So I wanted to make this Easter a little special for her.  I will be making a pork roast because that is her favorite!  I will be making baskets for my girls as always and we will spend our time together celebrating this beautiful time of the year. 

I also made some Easter jars, thanks to a pin on Pinterest.  I made one for each of my girls and even a small one for my mom. 

To make these cuties you will need:
 Glass Jar with Lid
Peeps Bunnies
Candy Coated  Chocolate Eggs 
Edible Easter Grass

Place grass in jar, place a few eggs inside and fill with bunnies!!!!!!!
So sweet literally and figuratively speaking.

Hoping that everyone has a 
lovely Spring and a very Happy Easter!

See you soon....


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