Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Thoughts of Christmas

Well here it is almost Christmas time.  I have spent much time over the past month preparing for Christmas Day.  This Christmas is especially hard for me for many reason.  The first being that my Eric is spending this Christmas away from home and the second reason is that my little Mom is incredibly sick.  Yesterday was a very hard and long day for my Mom and me.  Mom had to go into the hospital for a heart catheter.  We started out our morning with high hopes that she would be better once they had done the heart cath and hopefully fixed whatever was broken but alas, that was not to be.  My mom has heart problems but they are far beyond being fixed.  I am immensely heart broken and incredibly sad.  I know both she and I need time to process what has happened but for now all I know is that it hurts.  We will however, move forward and make the best of this Christmas. 

With all the things that happened yesterday there were some bright spots.  The people that helped us get through the day were wonderful.  Mom handled everything pretty well and this alone is a blessing as she hates Doctors and Hospital.  This this is why she has gone without proper care for so long.  It is very difficult for her to go to a Doctor for anything.  Yet, there was goodness and kindness in the people that were with us today.  We may never see them again but I will remember them.  

When I brought Mom home after 13 hours of waiting and crying, I drove up to see a beautiful floral arrangement sitting on the porch.  I thought it might be for my Mom and I looked at the card and it was for me.  My beautiful friend Valerie had sent me the most precious Christmas flowers.  They are inside a tea cup sitting on a saucer that says "Twas The Night Before Christmas".  There is also a sweet little mouse curled up sleeping and he seems to be dreaming. I imagined that he is dreaming of happy days and having beautiful thoughts of Christmas.   

My tired and tear stained face suddenly smiled and I felt that as bad as everything was here in this moment, someone had thought of me and somehow I didn't feel so alone.  Many hours later with a few moments of sleep and after letting the day wear off a little, I realized that no matter how bad things can be, there are always things that are good around us.  I am loved and I love and somehow through love we get through these things and eventually all bad things pass.  

So like my little mouse, I am dreaming of happier days and hanging on to beautiful thoughts of  Christmas. 

 I wish everyone much love and happiness....

Beverly -  Tea Cottage Pretties.


  1. Will be praying for your precious Mama and you, we had a harder Christmas than ususal, but, like you find the good in people all around who are Jesus' hands and feet! Hugs.

  2. Hi Beverly. I'm sorry I've been gone so long. And I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I pray things go as well as can be for her and you.
    Some of us tend to get a bit more stubborn as we get older. It's really nobodies fault. I get the same way myself.
    I will send up some prayers for your mother and you my friend.
    Love Di ♥


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