Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glam Room

Recently my daughter wanted to redecorate her room. She is getting older and has developed her own style. Sometimes it is hard for a Mom to let go of her little girl and accept that she is becoming her own person. However, for me although it is hard I have found it very exciting. She pick out this dark purple paint for her room and although I wasn't sure about it, I let her get it. Then we started painting. We had collected all sorts of things over the years so shopping for her new room became a shopping trip through our own home. I had purchased some black spray paint because she want her room purple, white and with tons of black accents. So we went to work. I first cleaned, painted and rewired a vintage chandelier for her. Then I sat about painting all sorts of decor items. What we ended up with was a sort of GLAM room. It turned out beautiful/ Here are some pics. Enjoy!!!!!

Vintage Bunnies

I love vintage items
I wanted these little bunnies for a long time
They were made in Japan as were many thing from the 1960s.
Just adorable!!!!

Handmade Valentine

Paper Valentine

Beaded Tree

My beautiful Tree
I added loads of pink beads.

A Dragon for Tippy

This is my needle felt Dragon I made for my daughter. He turned out really nice and she loves him!


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