Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well here I am 45 years old and I finally figured out how to clean an oven. I am sure there are others out there that knew this secret but I thought I would share it in case there was someone who did not. Every once in a while you actually learn something while watching TV. Now I am by no means a TV person however, I do at times actually watch something. Anyway, they were cleaning a stove inside and out and they used a regular cleaning product like Fantastic and a scraper (razor blade type) and they made the stove and oven look like new. Now it takes some work but it cleans way better than any oven cleaner and it is not as hazardous to your health. Provided you are careful with the razor. I even managed to get things off that I had never been able to remove. I have never like those oven cleaning products so this is great for me. Even if you have a self cleaning oven you can still use it on your stove top and underneath your burners. It cleans fantastic and I did not scratch my surfaces. Now I do not know if it will not scratch any surface but it did not hurt mine. I guess it is the same as using it to scrape glass. By the way I actually used a green product and it worked great.

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