Saturday, November 22, 2014


Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas

Well we have moved out of home that we lived in for the last eleven years and here I am in Korea in our stylish but small villa.  This has presented me with a new challenge and I am having to rethink how I display the things I love.  This includes rethinking my Christmas decorations.  

I love my pink Christmas decorations and I brought them to Korea with me.  So this year as before I am still dreaming of a pink Christmas....

I usually have a village that I set up that includes all my vintage 1960's paper mache snowmen and angels along with my paper houses that I made to go with them.  This year there isn't a lot of room so I decided to make a Christmas scene inside one of my big glass jars.  

I found a bag of pretty snow and placed that in my jar and then I found myself in our laundry room (we keep our storage in there as well) pulling out some of my cute angels and snowmen.  I also found my houses and some pink ribbon and I went to work on my jar.  

Here is my cute vintage snowman. 

Here are some really sweet angels.

Aren't they sweet?

I really love how it turned out and excited to start getting ready for Christmas. 

From the top, notice the little Santa in the chimney. 

Here it is all done but I am thinking about adding some battery operated tiny lights....

And here it is on our table!!!

Now that this project is done I am off to wrap some gifts for my loved ones at home and maybe have some tea. See you again soon with more of my pink Christmas decorations.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you and welcome to my new followers.

Till next time,

Tea Cottage Pretties

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


With Thoughts Of Winter

There are little signs everywhere here in Korea that winter is on it's way.  From the Snow and Ice boxes at every corner to the beautiful colors that adorn the Fall trees and the shops filling their shelves with winter apparel.  Much like this beautiful collar that Tiffany and I found this past weekend.  We found them in ivory and black, we just could not pass them up.  

The collars tie with a pretty matching ribbon and they have elastic in them. 

My Audrey dress form looks lovely wearing the collar. 

There are so many beautiful and feminine lovelies here that are perfect for two girly girls.  

Love this French Guy Laroche handbag.  

The vintage graphics are adorable. 

My Eric took us all for an outing this past weekend and we had a lovely time.  First we went shopping and found some perfect lovely goodies for myself , Tiffany and June Bug.  We caught up with one of my best friends and we shared a lovely lunch together.  then we stopped by the large grocery store and filled our cart with all sorts of good foods to bring home.  We even found Christmas tea, candies and lots of things to bake. 

Thankfully I was pretty much pain free for the afternoon and everything was just perfect.  The weather was beautiful with a crisp coolness in the air.  The trees were alive with color and there were signs everywhere that winter is on it's way.  This bought out the Christmas gift giving feelings from deep inside me and so I am now getting my gifts together to send home to my family in America. 

I just love seeing the seasons change.  It has been many years since I have experienced a true change in seasons and I plan to enjoy every single minute of it.  

Oh I almost forgot.  I found the most fabulous curtains and placemats at JC Penneys.  They are Carte Postale and French inspired.

I took the photos at night and I had not steamed the curtains yet but I was so excited to get them up and show them off but I think you get the idea.   

Warm cozy wishes,

Tea Cottage Pretties


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