Saturday, February 21, 2015


My Jewelry Inventory 

Part 2

My Anklet 

My Memories

I started making a photo inventory of all my jewelry so that I would have  record of everything that I own.  I wanted to do this for two reason, the first being that I have a terrible memory and also because I needed a record for insurance purposes.  I am a very visual person and I thought this would be the best way for me to keep track of my jewelry.  

I only have one anklet and I of course did not want to leave this out of my photo inventory.   The anklet is special to me and there is a story behind it.   We had moved from South Carolina to Puerto Rico, I went not knowing anyone and very afraid of going to another country,  although technically Puerto Rico is not another country it is definitely NOT the US.  

While there I had a neighbor named Maryanna and we became really close.   Matter of fact, she made our time in Puerto Rico so much better.   We did everything together from spending time outside with the kids to going to dinner, shopping, going to the beach and more.  

One day we were out and we found these lovely ankle bracelets and we both bought one.   I still have mine to this day and this was 12 years ago.   I lost track of Maryanna but I still search for her from time to time and I hope to one day reconnect with her.   I still miss her and I have always missed her.  Still I have my anklet and every time I see it reminds me of her.  

So for today I have no fancy photos to share, I only have a story and my memories.  Some things in life just hold a special place in our hearts. 

Here's to friendship!!!

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Summer Shorts Tutorial

This is a quick and super easy pair of shorts you can make for your next outdoor activity.  I have done a tutorial before but I thought since we are fast approaching Spring that now might be the time to prepare for warmer weather. 

Making a pair of shorts. 

Step 1 - Lay out your fabric and shorts. 

First select a fabric, wash and iron and then fold it in half.  It can be front sides together or back sides together.  Either way will work.  Lay your shorts out and trace around them.  Leave room for inseams and also make them a little larger than the shorts you are using.  You will be using elastic in these shorts and you do not want them to be tight.   In the end you want a very relaxed and comfortable pair of shorts.  

Step 2 - Cut out your shorts. 

Most shorts have a large backside and a smaller front side.  You can opt to cut out four of the backside and this will make the shorts a little looser or you can cut 2 of the back side and two of the front side.  I went with two of each side which makes the seam fall were it should inside the shorts. 

Step 3 - Sew the inside seams together. 

You will have a front and a back  cut out now and it is time to stitch them together.  Sew the front pieces together by sewing along the curve of the seat to the shorts.  Do not stitch the place where the legs are on the shorts.  I used a straight stitch and then a zigzag to reinforce the seams. Then do the same with the two back pieces of the shorts. 

Step 4 - Stitch the front and back of the shorts together. 

Then line up the front and back right sides together and stitch the outer edges of the shorts together.  This will join both sides forming your shorts. 

Step 5 - Stitch the inner seam where the legs go together.  Be sure you have your shorts flipped wrong side out.  

Step 6 - Hem

 Iron a 1/4 inch fold onto the legs of your shorts, with wrong side out.  Fold again and press then stitch the hem. 

Step 6 - Making a waistline

Fold and press a waistline making sure to make it wide enough for your elastic.  Then stitch it leaving approx. a 1 to 2 inch opening in the back. 

Step 7 - Pull elastic through the waist

Cut your elastic to fit your waist and go over your hips.  Put a large safety pin in the end and start feeding the elastic through the waist. 

Step 8 - Stitch elastic and close up the opening.  

And then you are finished with your new shorts.  

Or maybe you can add a bit of trim to the shorts. 

You could even add pockets on the back but make sure you do this before you sew everything together. 

Just have fun and make something for yourself!!!

Sew happy, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties


One More Circle Skirt

A few weeks ago I showed you how to make a circle skirt with and elastic waist.  
You can see my original post here:

Since then I have been working on some other projects like my cardigan upcycle. 

See my cardigan upcycle here:

and even a handbag to match my cardigan. 

I fell in love with this perfectly shabby chic fabric and I decided I needed to make a skirt as well. 

Now I have a cardigan, skirt and handbag that match perfectly together. 

However, when I looked in my closet I found my pink bunny sweater and I just had to pull it out and wear it with my skirt. 

Sorry these are not the best photos and I am not sure why they turned out this way but I think it was the low afternoon light but at least you can get the idea. 

I got many compliments on my new skirt when I wore it today. One lady even told me that it made me look so young. My sweet husband loved it and he asked me if I was going to the sock hop?   

This girl is having fun with her new sewing machine.  I think I will make a matching pair of shorts next!!!

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties

Saturday, February 14, 2015


My Jewelry Inventory

Part 1

My Brooch Collection

When you are as forgetful as I have become these last few years, it is wise to take inventory of the small treasures in your life.  A record so that you know if you loose something or to provide proof that you owned such things in case of a theft.  So this week I have started the process of taking photos and getting a visual inventory of my jewelry. 

As you can see in the photo about I have an affinity for vintage jewelry and more specifically for pearls 

and sapphires


rubies and crowns

large pearl brooches

smaller pearl brooches

and beautiful large pearl brooches with rubies

and seed pearl stick pins

and even pretty bows

and this sweet little basket of gems 

my onyx and pearl gold safety pin brooch.  

Edited March 16. 2015 to add my new Faberge Franklin Mint Crown with Pearls and Rubies. 

This is a lovely brooch and it can be worn as a brooch or a pendent on a chain. 

My last brooch is a silver spoon.  I have this because I am a spoonie, living with Fibromyalgia.  This way no matter what I have at least one spoon everyday. 

My brooch collection will be updated if and when I have a new brooch to add to my collection. 

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties

Monday, February 9, 2015


My cardigan Upcycle!!!

Some time ago I added some pretty lace to an otherwise plain cardigan.

Click the photo to see my original post.

I saw a beautiful cardigan here in Korea that had the cutest embellishments and I was inspired.  Having found some lovely fabric at Happy Quilt and some really cute patches in the Fabric District in Seoul, I went to work laying out a design on my cardigan.

My patches...

The first thing I did was make a heart with a B (for Beverly) embroidered on it.  I used my awesome new sewing/embroidery machine that my Eric bought for me. 

I stitched the heart on to my cardigan.

Then I added pockets.

I pulled out my collection of vintage buttons and I found two lovely blue glass buttons with birds on them. I added one to each pocket to make a bow.

Then I started adding some of my cute sew-ons.

One pocket

Two pockets

And here is the finished project.

Then you just know I had to make a handbag to go with my cardigan.

It is reversible

Some of my jewelry just happened to by close by so I snapped a photo. The brooch is my newest old piece of jewelry. I will feature my brooches here on m blog one day. 

And here I am with my cardigan and my handbag!!!

Although it is still winter here in Korea, I can feel Spring calling out to me. 


Tea Cottage Pretties


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