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Summer Shorts Tutorial

This is a quick and super easy pair of shorts you can make for your next outdoor activity.  I have done a tutorial before but I thought since we are fast approaching Spring that now might be the time to prepare for warmer weather. 

Making a pair of shorts. 

Step 1 - Lay out your fabric and shorts. 

First select a fabric, wash and iron and then fold it in half.  It can be front sides together or back sides together.  Either way will work.  Lay your shorts out and trace around them.  Leave room for inseams and also make them a little larger than the shorts you are using.  You will be using elastic in these shorts and you do not want them to be tight.   In the end you want a very relaxed and comfortable pair of shorts.  

Step 2 - Cut out your shorts. 

Most shorts have a large backside and a smaller front side.  You can opt to cut out four of the backside and this will make the shorts a little looser or you can cut 2 of the back side and two of the front side.  I went with two of each side which makes the seam fall were it should inside the shorts. 

Step 3 - Sew the inside seams together. 

You will have a front and a back  cut out now and it is time to stitch them together.  Sew the front pieces together by sewing along the curve of the seat to the shorts.  Do not stitch the place where the legs are on the shorts.  I used a straight stitch and then a zigzag to reinforce the seams. Then do the same with the two back pieces of the shorts. 

Step 4 - Stitch the front and back of the shorts together. 

Then line up the front and back right sides together and stitch the outer edges of the shorts together.  This will join both sides forming your shorts. 

Step 5 - Stitch the inner seam where the legs go together.  Be sure you have your shorts flipped wrong side out.  

Step 6 - Hem

 Iron a 1/4 inch fold onto the legs of your shorts, with wrong side out.  Fold again and press then stitch the hem. 

Step 6 - Making a waistline

Fold and press a waistline making sure to make it wide enough for your elastic.  Then stitch it leaving approx. a 1 to 2 inch opening in the back. 

Step 7 - Pull elastic through the waist

Cut your elastic to fit your waist and go over your hips.  Put a large safety pin in the end and start feeding the elastic through the waist. 

Step 8 - Stitch elastic and close up the opening.  

And then you are finished with your new shorts.  

Or maybe you can add a bit of trim to the shorts. 

You could even add pockets on the back but make sure you do this before you sew everything together. 

Just have fun and make something for yourself!!!

Sew happy, Beverly

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  1. Thanks for the shorts tutorial, you make it look so easy, and thanks so much for your lovely comment on my card it is really appreciated. I am so excited about your sewing, you make it all look so easy, I am going out to buy some fabric, Thanks again.

    1. Hello and I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for visiting me and for your sweet comments. I will be by to visit you soon again. Hugs, Beverly

  2. Beverly, those are soooo cute! And your tutorial is easy to follow. Great job! I know you will have a dozen new pairs of shorts in your cute wardrobe before Spring gets here!!

    1. HELP Doni, I ma running out of room in this tiny villa for my girly stuff. Whatever shall I do, turn my living room into a closet??? Humm could I? Hugs, Beverly

  3. Super cute shorts - that fabric is darling as they come! I love your advice to just make something for yourself and have fun - we can all use a reminder of that sometimes, even if we craft regularly (and perhaps, one could argue, even more so, as frequent crafters are apt to make lots of projects for others or to aim for "perfection" with their work if they're blogging about it, so it can be easy to forget about just getting back to the simple, enjoyable roots of crafting).

    Oodles of gentle hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hello Jessica, yes I am back to the old me, well almost. Still struggling with a few issues but doing the things I love takes my mind off of it all. A girl can never have too many clothes, right!!! Hugs, Beverly


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