Thursday, November 28, 2013


Wishing You and Yours A Very Happy Thanksgiving

I'm Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas...

I wanted to send my wishes to all my blogger friends for a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.  I thought I would share some of my Christmas decorating with you all.  I have uploaded lots of photos.  Hope you enjoy them.  

White and Pink Christmas Tree

My vintage pink Angel tree topper. I added the tiara to her and tons of pink sheer ribbon. 

I also gave you a pretty French Crystal. 

My large glitter paper Churches.  I made the needle felt Santa and Snowman. 

My Manger and lots of Pink Bottle Brush Trees.

My Pink Santa
This is an original Harold Gale Pink Santa from the 1950's.

Vintage pink ceramic Christmas tree. 

My snowman, I added the snow. 

Vintage spun cotton paper mache snowmen and angels with my glitter houses and church. 

I am thinking about what to use for snow for my village.  I will take new photos once I decide on what to use. 

My vintage snow babies. 

Rachael Ashwell Shabby Chic Stocking. 

Around the room....

Now that I have finished decorating I wanted to add a few more photos of our pink Christmas. 

Rachael Ashwell Shabby Chic Ornaments.

I added white sparkle garland to my Putz styled village complete with vintage snowmen and angels. 

My antique mantel is now ready for Christmas. 

  A panoramic photo of our Living Room. 

Our Audrey even got a tiara for the Holidays. 

We also found this beautiful tin that is a book and filled with tea.  

And finally the last thin I wanted to share.  My neighbor gave me some art supplies and inside with some painting books I found this paper. This is just a sample of the paper and there are tons more vintage images on it.  I am thinking and you never know what I might have to make using these sweet images. 

I will take more photos as I decorate more.  I have not decorated our family room yet but I will be doing that this coming week.  For the first time in quite a few years we are getting a real tree for our family room.  More to come, so we will see you very soon. 

Once again, I wanted to wish everyone in the US, 
A Very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day. 

Hope everyone has a beautiful start to the Holiday Season,


Tea Cottage Pretties

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Adding Lace To A Cardigan
A New Button Bracelet

I love beautiful feminine things and this week I added some lace to a cardigan and I made a pretty button bracelet. 

Adding Lace To A Cardigan!

I found this really soft and feminine cardigan for only  a few dollars.  Although I really liked it, I thought it could be even better.  So with that in mind I decided to add some lace to it.  This is a super easy project but the end product is just lovely.  I picked out a pretty lace that was already ruffled and I simply stitched in onto the sweater following the edges around the buttons and collar.  I love how it turned out and it is a easy and fun project that almost anyone can do.  

    Teal Blue Beverly Button Bracelet

A few months ago Doni at Faith Grace and Crafts sent me a package filled with beautiful things.  Inside the box I found some beautiful buttons and I was inspired to make a button bracelet with them.  The bracelet turned out beautiful and I always get so many compliments on it when i wear it.   

I wanted to try making another button bracelet so I looked for buttons that I found beautiful and I happened upon these teal blue flower buttons and I then started looking for buttons to mix with them.  I ended up with some beautiful buttons.

Here are some vintage glass buttons.  Notice the blue ones have birds on them, so sweet....

Here is everything I had to choose from for my new bracelet. 

So I went to work making my bracelet.  I used stretchy string, the buttons and some ribbon.  I arranged the buttons on the string until I had them the way I liked them and simply tied it off and added a ribbon.  I love sheer ribbons with jewelry.  

I love how it turned out and I can't wait to wear it...

Once I finished these projects I moved on to decorating for Christmas  I will share what I have been doing in my next post.  Also, coming up I am going to be making a lace Bible cover/tote.  This will be a gift for my mom.  Don't worry she doesn't see my blog, she does not like the interwebs very much.  So be sure to come back and visit. 

Bracelet featured on

And on....

 photo grabbutton2_zps7d635a69.png

I am looking for some sparkly crown ornaments for my Christmas tree.  If you have seen them anywhere or have any suggestions please leave me a comment. 

Warmest Wishes For A Fabulous Start 
To The Holiday Season!

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties

Friday, November 15, 2013


Pink Tutu Skirt Upcycle

There is nothing quite as girly as a pink tutu and in my case a pink tutu skirt upcycle.  I was going through our closets and I happened upon a beautiful dress.  It had once belonged to my Tiffany and I noticed that the bottom was a lovely pink tutu that I could see being a skirt in another life.  

So I decided right then and there that I was going to give this beautiful dress that new life as a skirt. 

First I removed the pretty flowers, ties and buttons from the dress and then I cut the skirt off the top.  I will use these pretties later for sure....

Then I stitched a thin ribbon onto the skirt. 

 I folded the ribbon over and stitched a pocket for elastic.  I left an opening to put the elastic into the skirt.  Then I pulled the elastic through and closed the opening in the ribbon. 

Just like that and in about an hour, I had a beautiful pink tutu skirt that fits me beautifully and my daughter's dress now has a new life. 

I sew love making beautiful things and I love to recycle and reuse, so this project was perfect. 

I think I might have to make a new handbag to match my new skirt.  I have this dress in a smaller size that was once my June Bug's dress.  Hummm........

Maybe I will have one to show off in my next post. 

I got a new swing dress and I had to alter it so that it fit me correctly.  I can't wait to wear it out with my Eric. 

See Me on ModCloth

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I am also working on a new Button Bracelet.  This will be like my Doni Button Bracelet (Seen Here).  However, this one will be Beverly Button Bracelet.   I am waiting on some vintage glass buttons but here is what I have collected so far.  I think it will be beautiful!

I love beautiful Buttons!

Fall is here and soon I might even be able to wear my winter coat.  I got it cleaned and ready just in case. 

Be sure to come back and visit.  
Future post will include:
More Limoges
Christmas Decorating
Christmas Gift making including a purple tutu, Bible cover, jewelry and more. 

See you soon.......

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties


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