Thursday, March 29, 2012


Being a military family I always go to the commissary once a month. The commissary uses baggers that work solely for tips. So today I bought my groceries and my bagger was an older gentleman. He must have been in his eighties if not older. I watched this gentleman and realized that he could barely walk and had to hold himself up on my car in order to place my bags inside. I wanted to help him so I grabbed our water (heavy stuff when you have 36 bottles of it) and I placed it in the car for him. He turned to me and said "no that's my job.". I realized that being old school I may have insulted him by doing this for him. It was truly my good nature but it was his nature to work for his money. I stood there fighting as hard as I could not to cry. It took everything I had in me to keep a straight face. The only thing that kept resonating through my mind was WHY? Why is this gentleman here doing this job? What is wrong with us when our older generation has to work like this to make a few dollars so they can eat? We must strive to honor those before us and to give them the dignity they deserve. They are not trash to be disposed of but human beings worthy of honoring.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Recently I found a lady on Etsy that makes beautiful porcelain pieces using a process called sublimation.  Of course I love decorated pieces of porcelain so I had to get something special for myself.  She made a heart for me and I asked her to put Eric and Beverly on the backside of the heart.  Well today it came in the mail and I love it.  I immediately went to work to make a necklace for myself.  Here is my beautiful new necklace.

For such a lovely piece her prices are very affordable.


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