Monday, August 8, 2016

More Decorating - My New Ikea Slipcovers!!!

More Decorating

My New Ikea 

I love Ikea furniture and I really love my Ikea Ektorp sofa and chair.  They are not only made well but they are reasonably priced and they fit well in a Shabby Chic styled home.  The best thing about them is that you can easily change the look of your furniture by purchasing new slipcovers from Ikea or even making your own slipcovers.  It is like having brand new furniture. 

One of my disappointments with the slipcovers was that because they were made of 100 percent cotton they tend to shrink and can become difficult to put back on your furniture.  Even if you follow the instructions for washing and replacing them, they still shrink.  

I decided to purchase new slipcovers as mine are showing their age and they are extremely difficult to get back on the furniture now.  I picked out a light blue color from the Ikea site and to my surprise, they are made of polyester.  I do not normally like polyester and I prefer cotton but for ease of washing and use, I think this is the right change for my new slipcovers.  

I ordered both the sofa and chair slipcovers and this week the chair slipcover arrived and I am delighted with it.  It is a beautiful shade of light blue!  

I can't wait to get my sofa slipcover!!!

Also, recently I visited my local Home Goods.  Who doesn't love that store?  To my delight, I found the cutest ottoman that goes so well with my new slipcovers.  It is a shade or two darker which is perfect (I would not want it to be the exact same color).  It was only $35.00 and I simply could not walk out of the store without it. 


Right after I drafted this post I went to look outside and found that my sofa slipcover had arrived.  I was so excited so I went to work putting it on my sofa and I snapped a few photos. 

I added some beautiful Shabby Chic pillows by Rachel Ashwell.  

The blue is perfect in my tea room (living room). 

I think they look lovely and it really is like having brand new furniture.  

Decorating is the best!


Tea Cottage Pretties

Other items in photos include:

Teddy Bear from Cracker Barrel -
 wind-up that plays "Jesus Loves Me" 

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic pillows -
Pink square pillow and white long round pillow

William and Katherine Wedding Tea Towel - 
one of my favorite things!

Mirrored glass tray -
from Target

Antique hand painted Bavarian Teapot

Antique Cobblers baby shoe form -
 hand painted by me in pink with sweet roses

Vintage table -
hand painted by me in white and blue with beautiful roses

Pink bunny candle - 

Limoges Nappy (lemon server) -
hand painted with roses

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Fun Part of Moving

The Fun Part of Moving

Moving is such hard work from the sorting, packing, shipping, unpacking, more sorting, and eventually finding a home for all your things.  In time and with a lot of effort eventually things start to come back together and you can relax or in my case, start to have fun.  I love decorating and making things beautiful so the decorating is my favorite part of moving or should I say it is the ONLY thing about moving that I enjoy at all.  

I own a few of those vintage metal patios sets, three to be exact and I usually opt to paint them white.  I love when they are freshly painted and all the years of weather and wear are all covered up and they are made new again.  However, this time, I opted to paint one of my sets a beautiful teal color and I set out looking for the right paint.  I found in a Rustoleum paint called Seaside.  

This patio set was very weathered and was in desperate need of a good paint job.  I am over the moon excited with its new color and it adds a very needed pop of brilliant color to our backyard.  

I think it turned out lovely!

Share your projects below in the comments and I will come and take a look.  

Off to my next project,

Tea Cottage Pretties


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