Friday, August 5, 2016

The Fun Part of Moving

The Fun Part of Moving

Moving is such hard work from the sorting, packing, shipping, unpacking, more sorting, and eventually finding a home for all your things.  In time and with a lot of effort eventually things start to come back together and you can relax or in my case, start to have fun.  I love decorating and making things beautiful so the decorating is my favorite part of moving or should I say it is the ONLY thing about moving that I enjoy at all.  

I own a few of those vintage metal patios sets, three to be exact and I usually opt to paint them white.  I love when they are freshly painted and all the years of weather and wear are all covered up and they are made new again.  However, this time, I opted to paint one of my sets a beautiful teal color and I set out looking for the right paint.  I found in a Rustoleum paint called Seaside.  

This patio set was very weathered and was in desperate need of a good paint job.  I am over the moon excited with its new color and it adds a very needed pop of brilliant color to our backyard.  

I think it turned out lovely!

Share your projects below in the comments and I will come and take a look.  

Off to my next project,

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  1. I love theses vintage patio sets. I wish I could find one. I also love the the colour you choose. Enjoy the rest of the summer in your new place. xo

    1. I love them as well Thel. I have 3 different sets. One is a large round table with really cute chairs and the other is a smaller round table with 2 pretty chairs. I need to take photos of them for my blog. I love that they are made so well and with a new paint job every few years they look like new. Using a color like this is new for me as I usually opt for white paint. I really enjoy them and I hope you can find a cute set for yourself. Thank you for visiting me. Hugs, Beverly


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