Friday, October 31, 2008


June Bug's as Jiggly Puff a Pokemon
and she danced.....

Tiffany all dressed up for Halloween

Masquerade Ball
How Lovely....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Being a collector of porcelain it makes sense that of course I would collect TEAPOTS. I love them and I have many of them in all shapes sizes and styles. One day I was talking with my husband and we were discussing something he had bought and never used. With all the love and tenderness that he could find in him he looked at me and said - "Sweetheart we have been married for 13 years and how many teapots do we own." I told him to many to count and then he asked me "how many cups of tea have I had?" So for my husband I wrote a poem about a cup of tea or maybe two, maybe three.

Have a cup of tea with me
Well maybe two, maybe three
Time will wash away our worry
So there's no need for us to hurry

Have a cup of tea with me
Well maybe two, maybe three
If you'll let me hold your hand
You will see I am your friend

Have a cup of tea with me
Well maybe two, maybe three
When tomorrow comes a new
I will be here waitng for you

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


If you can, listen to an album or at least a song
 by Enya.
She sings beautifully and she is worth the listen.
I recommend Sheppard's Moon it is outstanding.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Chocolate Pot
A New Addition To My Collection

The Victorians would place bits of chocolate in these Chocolate Pots and add hot water (some time later milk or a milk/water mix was used) and stir. These hot chocolate drinks would be used to give to children in the mornings and/or with breakfast. This would help warm them up and was a nice treat.

You can recognize the chocolate pot as it is usually quite tall and the spout is near the top. The reason for the placement of the spout is to insure that the chocolate becomes well mixed while pouring.

Maybe we should all try a bit of chocolate just the way it was made over a 100 years ago. How delightful.


I have a theory about the size of families and how many children people have. I grew up in the 1960s and back then families had 3,4 or more children. You may be able to remember the TV with the knobs that you had to actually turn. Each child would at some point be the Chanel Changer. That is they would change the Chanel on the TV for their parents (in my case for my Dad). As one grew to old to do the Chanel Changing the next in line would inherit the job. This went on until - WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW THEY INVENTED THE REMOTE CONTROL. Suddenly families became smaller and had less children and in some cases couples decided against having children at all. So with the need for Chanel Changers gone so were all the large families. Even knowing that correlation is certainly not causation it is at the very least an interesting thought in which to ponder.


Everyone should read this book at least once in the their life
- The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
And if you are so inclined read his other books and poems
I recommend Where the Sidewalk Ends
a collection of many of his poems and drawings.


Beautiful hand painted Limoges Cracker Jar.

Limoges Cracker Jar - this was used to hold crackers or biscuits.
It is smaller than a cookie jar and could be used when serving tea.

Friday, October 24, 2008


No one feels another's grief,
no one understands another's joy.
People imagine they can reach one another.
In reality they only pass each other by.


I was out and about this evening and I met an older gentleman. He was dressed very well in a jacket and slacks. He carried himself well with dignity and grace. I happen to ask him how he was doing this evening and we talked for a few moments. He had made a trip here from a town about 1 1/2 hours away. He said he came here to shop. I asked if he was traveling alone, I was thinking that it was getting dark and kind of late? He said yes my wife died several years ago. He wanted to say something else but he stop as he became kind of choked up. I stop and I almost wanted to cry. I couldn't even say anything to him. It occurred to me that in much the same way he had made the trip to our town today he had traveled through life and here he was alone. As the day slowly turns to evening and then to night, so does our life. I told him to enjoy his shopping and to have a safe trip home. He thanked me and I walked away but not without being touched in some way by him. So I shed a tear for him and for all the lonely people in the world..........

Thursday, October 23, 2008


As the wife of an American Soldier, many times I have found myself alone. Away from the one I love for many months at a time. My saving grace is that I have our children to care for and they keep me busy. Yet, every minute of every day I am very cognisant of the fact that I am here and he is there. I asked him once, "whatever shall I do while your away"? In reply he said well you just stand here and wait. So this is essentially what I do. Don't feel sorry for me because this is the sacrifice we choose to make. I am proud of my husband and his sacrifice and his dedication to the mission and to our country. I pray that by the grace of God he will return safely to me. In the mean time, I stand still and wait always..............

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is 2 of my Limoges Bowls. They are both hand painted and oh so beautiful. They are large approx. 10" in diameter. Just lovely bowls to have in my collection.


Limoges Coffee Carafe

Can you help me identify this piece of hand painted Limoges? 

I believe this to be a Coffee Carafe although I can not be sure. I have never seen one a in any of the Limoges books I have. The spout of course tells me that it is for coffee but the top is more like you find on a carafe.

I thought about maybe a large syrup but this is really more of the size of a chocolate or coffee pot.  

 If anyone knows more about this type of piece please leave a comment to let me know. 

More Limoges to come, 

Tea Cottage Pretties


This usually called a mayo dish. It can be used for sauces. There is a top dish that holds the sauce and then an under plate to sit it on. This one is hand painted in lovely soft pinks and blues. It is so beautiful.


These look good enough to eat BUT they are meant to last a lifetime. These are Faux Deserts. They are absolutely gorgeous and just think zero calories.


Beautiful Antique Limoges Porcelain
With Hand Painted Birds

This is a beautiful piece of Limoges, hand painted with delicate pink roses and sweet birds.  This piece is called a NAPPY.  A nappy can be used to serve slices of lemons or other things.  This is a larger nappy so it can also be used to serve candies, cookies and just about anything you may like.  

This is such a precious piece and I know I will enjoy it for many years to come. 

Till next time,

Tea Cottage Pretties


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