Sunday, September 28, 2008


Here is a picture of me kind of making a silly face.

Here I am just smiling

Dreaming about my husband?

I emailed these pictures to my husband and he emailed me back. He told me that I was sooooooooo beautiful and that he was lucky to have me. What a nice thing to say. He is a sweetie.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A Beautiful Limoges Tray

This is a beautiful Limoges tray that I have hanging on the wall in my bathroom.  I love the pink roses and the blues in it. It just makes me smile to see it. Even the Limoges tray can be used as wall art.

I love the antique hand painted Limoges the best.  Each piece is a precious work of art from days gone by.  I especially love pink roses and blue accents. I have quite a few pieces in my collection and I hope to share more pieces soon. 

Till next time, 

Tea Cottage Pretties


This is one of those old vanity chairs. When I found it, it was silver and somewhat in need of some TLC. I cleaned it and painted it white. I covered the seat with some beautiful fabric and trimmed it with trim from a vintage bedspread. It became a beautiful place to sit.


These are some of my Lemons from my tree. I planted the tree about 3 years ago and this was the first year I have let it make fruit. It made some really good lemons. I will be leaving this home next summer so the next batch will go to the new home owners. I hope they will enjoy them.


I think everyone has or at least should have a best friend. The kind of friend that you keep forever. The kind that it doesn't matter if you speak to them everyday or not. The one you can call up at any time and start right where you left off. Your best friend for life. Well I have one and her name is Paula. I wanted to mention her here in my blog since this is a blog about me and well she is part of me. Love you Paula.


Missing My Husband

This is my husband Eric. He is serving in the US Army and currently in another country. He is the most wonderful man I have ever known. He is a very honorable man, full of grace and dignity. He is a wonderful husband and Dad. He is caring and kind. I am lucky to have him in my life.

Missing my Eric,

Tea Cottage Pretties

Monday, September 1, 2008


This was a hard picture to take. It is my entryway and I have divided the entryway from the living area using 2 wooden screen doors that I painted pink and added lace curtains to. There is a glass knob on one side and I added brackets on the bottom so it would stand up. I also added a small berry wreath and some other pretties to the doors. I can move these around and display them in different ways. They make a great room divider.


The date was April 6, 1995. We were cooking out on a beautiful afternoon. Paula and I are best friends and have been for many years. I had recently met a young lady by the name of Tracey. She was not a very feminine person and not really my type of friend but she could be fun at times. She called and ask if I would go to a party with her. I told her I didn’t really want to go but she was welcome to come by and eat with us. I had on occasion been seeing a guy by the name of Mark. We were suppose to go out later and I told her I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So she came by and the three of us ate.

As luck would have it Mark called to say that he would not be able to meet with me after all. Well that left me open for the evening. Tracey ask me again to go to this party and I said OK. Tracey explained that she had met this guy named Mike through a personal ad that she had placed. He had invited her to a party and ask if maybe she had a friend to meet his friend. You know how that goes. The old By The Way bit. Well I told her I hated BTW’s and I thought I should not go. She was persistent and I finally agreed to go.

I drove my car so that I could leave when I wanted to and she would not have to worry about me. She had told me that his name was Eric. Nice name I thought…. We arrived and we entered a room with NOTHING but guys in it. We were introduced to everyone and there did not seem to be an Eric in the crowd. So I said out loud “so who is Eric?” This very attractive guy across the room raised his hand and waved at me. I was immediately taken by him. He had dark hair and big beautiful brown eyes. The kind of eyes that seems as if they can look all the way through you. He seemed kind but very manly at the same time. He was quite tall and very handsome. His laugh was quite infectious and everyone there wanted his attention. You know sometimes you see someone and they just do it for you. Well he did, he was so handsome.

The night went on and I just could not seem to get a chance to talk to him. Then finally about 3 hours later things started winding down. A lot of the party goers left and all that remained were Tracey and I, and Mike and Eric. So I finally was able to talk with him. Then much to my surprise he kissed me, just like that. The odd thing was I so wanted him to kiss me and I so didn't mind. This would not have been a normal reaction for me. If some guy I hardly knew tried to kiss me I would have stopped him dead in his tracks. When he kissed me he touched my face and I thought I might melt and all I wanted to do was touch him back. Yet, I didn't because I thought it would seem to forward. In that moment when he kissed me I knew I wanted to know all there was to know about him. With that kiss we found each other and we have been together ever since.

Oh BTW Tracey and Mike never ever saw each other again. So Eric and I met because an acquaintance of mine placed a personal add (which she paid for) and his friend answered it. It is at the very least an interesting chain of events and somehow it seems fate had stepped in and brought us to each other.
I love you very much my sweet Prince.....


This post is dedicated to my family. I wanted to give a shout out to my sister Patti and her family. Also, my brother Jeff and his family and my brother Paul. Most importantly I wanted to mention my Mom - Shelby. She is one of my best friends. To Pamela we miss you. To Aunt Peggie, Aunt Lucille, Uncle Lacy and Uncle Robert, we miss you all. I especially miss my Grandmother. I also am very lucky to have a beautiful Mother in law - Irene. Here's to all of you. Love, Beverly


I found this chest at a local antique shop. However, it was a little rough around the edges.. I brought it home and cleaned it and primed and painted it. It already had all the wood work on it. I painted the inside a pale pink and then I covered the top with Shabby Chic (R) fabric. I trimmed it with some old trim from a bedspread and it now servers as my photo and memory storage chest. It holds many precious memories.


I love vintage chandeliers and this is one that I had to do just a tiny bit of work on. I painted it white and added lots of crystals and it hangs in the quest room now. It is a really pretty way to dress up a room. It also adds that extra sparkle. How romantic it is.......


Here is an old window that I painted and hung in my downstairs bathroom. I left all the hardware on it and simply painted it blue then I use enamel paints and painted roses and blue ribbons on the glass.


Here is a beautiful old Gentleman's Wardrobe that I found some time ago. I painted it white and trimmed it with rose ribbon. It holds a lot of my table linens in the drawers and my girls school things in the closet side. On the front of it hangs a pretty little lace dress that both of my girls wore on their first birthday. I have kept quite a few of their things and I display some of them. Also, on the knobs I have hung ornaments I made out of old wooden spools with pink thread. I love how they turned out and what a neat way to display my beautiful spools of thread.


Here is a recent tablescape I did. I change this table top around from time to time. I have it done in all Bavaria porcelain with pink and pink roses. The trees you see where made by me.


Here's a real cutie pie. She is one of those vintage pixie dolls that you made usually from a kit. This one is very large measuring about 22 long. I gave her new hair and the pink bottle bush tree. Other than that she was in great shape. I also have a smaller one that is pink. They really are very sweet.


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