Monday, September 1, 2008


The date was April 6, 1995. We were cooking out on a beautiful afternoon. Paula and I are best friends and have been for many years. I had recently met a young lady by the name of Tracey. She was not a very feminine person and not really my type of friend but she could be fun at times. She called and ask if I would go to a party with her. I told her I didn’t really want to go but she was welcome to come by and eat with us. I had on occasion been seeing a guy by the name of Mark. We were suppose to go out later and I told her I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So she came by and the three of us ate.

As luck would have it Mark called to say that he would not be able to meet with me after all. Well that left me open for the evening. Tracey ask me again to go to this party and I said OK. Tracey explained that she had met this guy named Mike through a personal ad that she had placed. He had invited her to a party and ask if maybe she had a friend to meet his friend. You know how that goes. The old By The Way bit. Well I told her I hated BTW’s and I thought I should not go. She was persistent and I finally agreed to go.

I drove my car so that I could leave when I wanted to and she would not have to worry about me. She had told me that his name was Eric. Nice name I thought…. We arrived and we entered a room with NOTHING but guys in it. We were introduced to everyone and there did not seem to be an Eric in the crowd. So I said out loud “so who is Eric?” This very attractive guy across the room raised his hand and waved at me. I was immediately taken by him. He had dark hair and big beautiful brown eyes. The kind of eyes that seems as if they can look all the way through you. He seemed kind but very manly at the same time. He was quite tall and very handsome. His laugh was quite infectious and everyone there wanted his attention. You know sometimes you see someone and they just do it for you. Well he did, he was so handsome.

The night went on and I just could not seem to get a chance to talk to him. Then finally about 3 hours later things started winding down. A lot of the party goers left and all that remained were Tracey and I, and Mike and Eric. So I finally was able to talk with him. Then much to my surprise he kissed me, just like that. The odd thing was I so wanted him to kiss me and I so didn't mind. This would not have been a normal reaction for me. If some guy I hardly knew tried to kiss me I would have stopped him dead in his tracks. When he kissed me he touched my face and I thought I might melt and all I wanted to do was touch him back. Yet, I didn't because I thought it would seem to forward. In that moment when he kissed me I knew I wanted to know all there was to know about him. With that kiss we found each other and we have been together ever since.

Oh BTW Tracey and Mike never ever saw each other again. So Eric and I met because an acquaintance of mine placed a personal add (which she paid for) and his friend answered it. It is at the very least an interesting chain of events and somehow it seems fate had stepped in and brought us to each other.
I love you very much my sweet Prince.....

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