Thursday, June 21, 2012


My Secret Mom 

OK so I did not have a Secret Mom but 
I do have a Mom and she loved Secret Deodorant back in the 60's.

As a little girl I was always intrigued by my Mother's things. I loved her clothes, handbags, shoes and all the products she used. I even loved her key chain case that the ladies used back then. Oh and gloves and scarves and just about everything.  I am not sure why I liked them so much except that they were part of her and they were so beautiful,  just like her. I admired them so much that I wanted to play with all her things. I had to smell all her products and even try them out if I could. One product I loved the best was Secret Deodorant. I loved the white glass jar and metal lid and oh how I loved how it smelled. It seemed ladylike and proper to me somehow. I wanted to use that stuff when I grew up.  However, as luck would have it by the time I grew up they no longer made that type of deodorant. They did make something that smelled just like it but that was many years ago and Secret has long since stopped making it. So the memory lives in my mind but the product itself does not exist. I have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately so I found some images of Secret from the 1960's.

Here are some picture of my Mom circa 1960

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Here are my originals

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  1. Amazing blog dear!
    Now, I'm your new follower... follow me back ;-)

  2. Thank you Glossy Mood and I did Follow you back!!!! Welcome and Hugs.


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