Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Making My Way Back

I took a little leave from my blog but I am now back. I traveled to North Carolina for my brother's Memorial and while there my mother loaned me tons of beautiful old photos. I told her I wanted to make digital copies of them to preserve them for future generations. It is no small task but one I am delighted to take on. It is actually a honor as I have always treasured our family history.  Looking at all our beautiful photos makes me feel very nostalgic. Longing for those simpler and most precious of days gone by. Memories are perhaps made sweeter by time but they are still none the less sweet. I love my family very much and looking at all our pictures just warms my heart and makes me smile. I needed that in my life right now and it seems to help as 
I make my way back.  

Today I want to share a few vintage pictures of my Christmas of 1966.

Christmas 1966 - When I was very small. The big doll in the picture was a Pippi Longstockings but I called her Ugly. Yeah that was her name and I loved her to pieces both literally and figuratively.  The Penny Brite Doll was my sister's Santa. I remember I use to love to play with her but I named her Cutie Carol. I have no idea why I called her that but I always gave dolls a new name. 

My beautiful sister Patti with her Yogi Bear Punching Bag and Penny Brite.

Next is a picture of my brother Jeff with his Christmas Toys. 

And last but not least, it's me with my Ugly Doll.

I will get back to posting my Limoges 
and other goodies here very soon.

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