Monday, December 29, 2008


My Kitchen Island

I found this picture of my kitchen island. I stenciled a white picket fence with a gate on it and then added things like the pink watering can and the yellow flower pots.  I added a hand painted sign to the gate that says The Flores'.  The handle on the gate looked so real that our tiny June Bug would try to grab it and open the gate.  

It no longer looks like this but I wanted to share the photo anyway. We are a military family and therefore we are always on the ready to move on.  In order to clean things up a little I repainted the island a solid color. Most folks prefer a more modern clean look and I thought it would be best. I miss my beautiful fence and one day I may have to repaint one for myself. That is when I know I am staying put for a time. 

Hugs, Beverly 

Tea Cottage Pretties

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


A Pink Christmas Tree

I am so tickle because I finally found a beautiful pink Christmas Tree.   I decorated it with pink ornaments and added a pretty Shabby Chic tree skirt by Rachel Ashwell.  I also placed my hand painted boxes around the tree.  I painted each box and then painted pretty roses on them.  My girls and I are really loving my PINK tree.  

Dreaming of a pink Christmas,

Tea Cottage Pretties


This is some of my favorite Limoges pieces. There are three oval brooches and one skinny bar brooch. There is a set of earrings that match the top brooch. Lastly, there is a very rare watch fob that has three porcelain pieces dangling from it. Each piece is hand painted and dates around the turn of the century.


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