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Handbags On Parade

I love vintage handbags and especially those from the 1960's, they remind me of my childhood and the lovely ladies I knew as a child.  My mother and my grandmother carried the most beautiful bags.  Draped over their arms and sometimes with matching shoes and a beautiful dress, they seemed so glamorous and beautiful to me.  Memories of shopping DOWNTOWN, the window displays, beautiful packages and bags filled with lovely items, come to mind whenever I see a vintage handbag. 

Vintage handbags also call to mind such lovelies as Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.  They bring to my mind, images of ladies when they actually dressed and behaved like ladies. When we would dress up to go church, go shopping and even to run errands.  Gloved hands delicately carrying and opening their handbags to grab their hankies or their lipstick to freshen up their lovely faces.  

Whenever I happen upon a vintage handbag that is in excellent condition and of course for the right price, I am hard pressed not to make it mine.  I am particularly fond of the Smartaire Miss America handbags and I own 3 of them, pink, red and off white (see the pink and red in photo below).  I also have a similar styled bag in white and light blue (also below).  The white bag is a Tempra bag and the blue bag is unmarked.  

Another of my favorites and one of my newest bags is an unmarked silver pearlized handbag in mint condition. 

Light Blue Unmarked Handbag

Light Pink Smartaire Miss America Handbag

One of my favorite vintage handbags is my pink Smartaire Miss America.  You have seen this handbag in one of my previous blog post.  

Me with my pink Miss America bag. 

Red Vintage Smartaire Miss America Handbag

Vintage White Tempra Handbag

Vintage Silver Handbag Unmarked

Here is another grouping of vintage handbags. 

Vintage Light Blue Handbag

Vintage Bright Pink Handbag

Vintage Navy Blue Handbag

And finally Vintage Gold Handbags

Vintage Gold Lame Handbag

I will be adding more vintage handbags to this post as time goes on.  I will place a link to this post in my sidebar so you can find it easily.  I want to have all my vintage bags in one place for future references.  I will also post photos of new handbags on future post and provide a link there as well. 

Added August 20, 2013

Pink Pearlized and Textured Kelly Style Handbag

Small Vintage Navy Blue Handbag
with Coin Purse Attached Inside. 

Vintage Bone Colored Handbag.

I just love these vintage beauties for they remind me of yesteryear and all the lovely ladies I have been blessed to know in my life. 

Here's to each and every one of them,

Willow Batton
Shelby Batton
Lucille Batton
Peggy Batton
Katherine Batton
Leola Batton
Barbara Batton
and all the lovely ladies  
with your pretty hats and handbags,
 I remember you as well.....

Till next time,


Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. What a beautiful collection of bags! They are all so cute! I like vintage items, too. Tina

    1. Thank you ever so kindly and thank you for visiting. Come back to see us soon. Hugs, Beverly

  2. What a beautiful collection of bags. I like vintage items, too and you bags are really gorgeous. Tina

    1. Hello Tina, I will be coming by to visit. Hugs, Beverly

  3. Your collection is absolutely breathtaking - and I'm not just speaking figuratively, I was literally gasping in awe over these timelessly lovely beauties. The pale pink one in particular stole my heart. J'adore!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Oh I like all your bags , keep collecting so we can see your new ones


  5. Replies
    1. Why thank you!!! Hope you are doing well. Hugs, Beverly

  6. These are just like you!! Cute and Sassy, Pretty and in awesome condition!!!
    Lovely collection...I'm excited that you have such a unique passion for handbags. I don't remember my mother carrying anything at all like that...she wasn't a stylish person. But my birth mother on the other hand, now SHE was stylish! Wish she had kept her bags...I'll bet she had some lovelies. Hair and nails always done beautifully. I love that there are so many pretty colors too. They fit you perfectly! Now I'll have to be on the lookout and see what I can find up here! You never know!!!

    1. Wonder why I never saw this comment? Thank you Dear Doni, I just love a girly vintage handbag. I remember the days when ladies dressed like ladies, it their finest attire and accessories. It always makes me think of my mom and grandmother and going downtown to shop. I loved all the fancy shops with beautiful clothes and handbags in the window displays. I miss them. Hugs, Beverly

  7. Love all your vintage bags and that you use them. You always look so adorable!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. You have a truly beautiful collection and I think it's wonderful that you use the bags rather than just put them on display. The gang over at My Personal Accent think the post about your Vintage Handbags is fantastic!! We would like to invite you to party with us starting at 5:00 Thursday nights at our new Blog Strut Peacock Style Link Party to share your creative ideas. Come on over!!

    1. Thank you, I am just seeing this for some reason. I will be sure to check out your linky party and your blog. I so appreciate you coming to visit and the invite. I checked out your blog and it is fabulous. I will be seeing you. Hugs, Beverly

  9. Hi I love this vintage handbags! My aunt used to have bags like this that she used all the time. Thanks for reminding me of her! I saw it on share you cup. Julie at

    1. Thank you so much Julie, I think that is my appeal when it comes to vintage handbags. I remember all the ladies in my life that I admired their bags when I was very small. Now I am a big girl and I can have my own. Love nostalgia.... Hugs, Beverly

  10. These are so sweet!! I have only been collecting vintage purses for a few years. I'm interested in how you might use them in your d├ęcor. I have hung a few on the walls with a vintage hat and gloves. I have also hung them on the wall and opened them and filled them with a little arrangement. I was wondering if you had any more ideas?

    1. Hello Jullybarb and thank you for visiting me. I actually use most of my vintage handbags. I only have a few I use in my decor. I have a small beaded handbag that I use to hold jewelry and the others are used in vignettes. Mostly in our Master bedroom. I also have a vintage hat rack that I have a vintage handbag hanging behind each hat. I do enjoy my handbags.... Hugs, Beverly

  11. What a great collection - so artfully photographed and displayed. Truly enjoyable post. So glad to find you at SYC.

  12. Beverly this is a stunning collection! Each one is just so chic. Loved the picture of you sporting the pink one. Such a fun thing to collect. Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  13. Beverly, do you know a website or link to check on red double hardware double straps or where I can go to look ... please and thank you
    . com
    thanks so much in advance


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