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Limoges Shank Buttons Buttons
Dress Form Shelves

Limoges Buttons

Today I kind of wanted to take a break from posting my Limoges pieces, well kind of.... I decided to share my vintage shank buttons.  Most of my small collection of buttons are not marked but we tend to still call them Limoges Shank Buttons.  They are hard paste Kaolin buttons and they certainly look and feel as if they are of higher quality.  I only have a small collection and I love to display them so that I can enjoy them.  I typically have them hanging over my vanity in our bedroom but I took them down to share.  Don't worry they are going right back in their little space.

I do so love to live with my collections and have them on display so that everyone who enters our home can enjoy them.  Now mind you, not everyone that enters our home understands my decor or my collections but in one way or another I think they are impressed, hopefully in a good way. I once had an insurance person ask me if they could take pictures of my living room (where I have tons of Limoges) so they could share the pictures with their mother.   I of course was delighted to oblige them.

So I decided to display my buttons on a ribbon with a bow. I got the idea from the hair clip ribbons I have seen around.  I first made a bow and then a long double ribbon.  Then I cut little slits in the ribbon and measured them out so the shanks would be spread out evenly on the ribbon.  Then I simply pushed the shank through the ribbon to the back and instantly I had a beautiful display piece.  I love my little shank buttons as they are all a work of art.

I have included pictures for you to see how I display them and to enjoy my collection.

This is my collection of vintage shank buttons.

Here I made the bow and ribbon and cut little slits in the ribbon for the shank buttons.

Then I pushed the shanks through the ribbon.

And here are my shank buttons on display.

Here is an older picture of both my button display ribbon and one I made for brooches.   If you are making a display for brooches do not cut slits, just simply pin your brooches to the ribbon.

Dress Form Shelves

While visiting one of my favorite shops, I found this dress form that someone had made into shelves.  It was not in the best shape and was a tan color.  I fell in love with it and i had to bring it home with me.  I painted it MANY coats of pink paint.  I then added all sorts of trims and decorations to include a few beautiful Limoges buttons.  

I use my beautiful pink lady to hold my perfumes and makeup.  See the little bird on her shoulder....

I love to recycle and reuse.  
I always see things for what they could be and this is one of those beautiful things.  My Pink Lady now has a second life. 

I am delighted with her!!!

See you soon, 


Tea Cottage Pretties

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  1. Your button collection is just gorgeous! I think collections are for displaying and enjoying. Your mannequin shelf is very unique. Have not seen one before. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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