Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Paris Hilton Bergo Shoes

Being a true girly girl I love shoes and every once in awhile I find a pair of shoes that I just love to pieces.  About a year ago I did just that, I found the sweetest shoes ever.  These flats by Paris Hilton are a perfect shade of pink and I love the bows.  They are comfortable and stylish all at the same time.  

Paris Hilton shoes come in the sweetest girly girl boxes with bright pink ribbon handles.  I of course have kept my box and I keep my shoes in it. These are very well made shoes and they have sweet little hearts on the heal and inside. There is even a little heart on the box that is used to open the box, the box slides open.

I was just so excited about finding these adorable shoes that I has to share them.  Have you had any great finds lately?   I know I will be wearing these pink beauties for a long time to come.  

Just adorable!

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties

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