Monday, May 21, 2012


Limoges Butter Pats

This is a set of Limoges Butter Pats.  I fell in love with the  artwork on these little beauties. They are so perfect and sweet. I have a complete set of six. Each one is just as lovely as the first. These would have been used to place a pat of butter on at each place setting or to serve as needed.

Aren't they lovely!

Here they are in all their stacked up loveliness. 

I like to use my butter pats in photos with my brooches and other pieces of jewelry.  Here is one of them with my silver spoon brooch.  My little spoon is for Fibromyalgia, so that I will always have an extra spoon.  Yeah, I am a spoonie....

These are simply marked
This would probably date before 1900.

More Limoges coming very soon

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  1. I love Limoges and these are very pretty. Great find!

    1. Hello and thank you for visiting. I have had these for some time but I thought I would share them again. I collect Limoges so I have over one hundred pieces (if you count each tiny little thing). These butter pats are one of my favorite pieces. Most of my Limoges is featured on my blog. I just love Limoges and I so admire the beautiful artwork, not to mention the history of each pieces. Hugs, Beverly

  2. These little butter pats are so lovely in their spring time colors. I'm sure they look beautiful at the table setting. My best wishes to you :)

  3. So delicate and beautiful! I also love Limoges pieces, rarely find more than one or two pieces alike at the same time...but they all seem to work together well.


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