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I'm Making Christmas....

Gifts That Is...

My Fibromyalgia decided to flare-up and I have had a couple of hard weeks but it finally calmed down a little and I have taken full advantage of it.   I have been wrapping gifts, putting the final touches on our home decor and making gifts.  I was so worried because I had in my mind what I wanted to make for my mom and for my sister.  I did not know if I was going to be able to get to it before Christmas and I am so tickled that I was not only able to get their gifts made but do a few extra things as well.  

For my mom I wanted to make a Bible cover.  I wanted to make a fabric collage altered art styled cover however, I needed it to be simple for my mom to carry.  Mom has trouble getting around and I wanted her to have something pretty and practical that she could easily carry to Church.  So my sister sent the measurements and I set about making a Bible cover/tote for my mom.  

First I wanted to create a graphic to put on the front of her cover and I also wanted to make 2 fabric pins for my mom and sister to wear.  My sister told me what she wanted on them and used a vintage image to make the graphics.  I printed them out on printer fabric. 

Then I measured and cut out my fabric and my batting.  

Then I stitched it and left an opening so that I flip it right side out. 

I flipped it and ironed on my graphic.  

I added some simple lace around the graphic. 

Then I measured and cut pockets to go on the inside to slide the Bible covers into.  I hemmed both of them and ironed them and pinned them so that I could attach them to the Bible cover. 

I stitched each side in as close to the edge as I could manage to stitch them.  I stitched around the entire piece which closed up the opening I had left to flip the cover. 

Then I added a bow with pearls buttons and a pink rose button.  Oh and i forgot I added some extra lace trim along the edge of the ruffled lace. 

I added some blue ribbon for a ribbon bookmark inside and a piece on the back to wind around the pink rose button to hold it closed. 

I love how it turned out.  I wanted it to be simple, pretty and user friendly so that my mom could manage to use it and enjoy it.  Here are a few more photos. 

Next I made the pins for my mom and sister.   I printed them out with the Bible cover graphic. 

 I cut out the graphic, fabric and plastic and stitched them together. 

I added lace trim around the edges. 

Then I added a pin back. 

Finally I added tiny pink bows, flowers and a pearl. 

  I wanted so much to make these for my mom and sister and I am so happy that I was able to finish them.  

I am off to the Post Office..... 

Hope my mom likes her new Bible cover/tote.

See you when I finished my next project.  Will it be a purple tutu skirt, a set of Angel wings or a handbag?????

Happy Gift Making,  


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  1. ..
    This is one gorgeous Bible cover! It's juts too cute for words. Every single detail is in place and make this a small masterpiece! Your family is going to enjoy it!

    1. Thank you ever so kindly for visiting and for you kind words. Hugs, Beverly

  2. Hi Beverly, thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave that really nice and sweet comment about all my Christmas decorations! I see that you are very talented and creative and I love what you made for your mom and sister, so pretty. Take care and have a nice day and weekend.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

    1. Julie, thank you ever so kindly. I so enjoy making beautiful gifts for others. I had tons of fun making them. Thank you for stopping by to visit. Hugs, Beverly

  3. Everything you make is so, so terrifically pretty and this bible cover is no exception. What a special, touching, poignant gift. You are an artist and angel here on earth, my splendidly creative friend.

    Huge (gentle) hugs & the very happiest of holiday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment on today's post. I'm truly happy to know that many of the things that were curveballs and stresses for you this year have recede. That's awesome! Here's to the hope that things continue to get better and brighter for both of our families in the year ahead.

    1. Awwww thank you Jessica, we are all together and very happy! Having a lovely holiday season thus far and wishing you great happiness and lots of cheer. Gentle hugs, Beverly

  4. Beverly, the bible cover and pins are precious gifts! I am sure that your mom and sister will love them. Glad you are feeling better and able to create. It's what you love to do and you do it so well! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thank you Jann, I do so love to make things with my hands. There is just something so satisfying about creating something beautiful that one has dreamed up. I love your blog and I am so glad you invited me to follow along. Hugs, Beverly

  5. Featuring you tomorrow! Thanks a million for linking! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Isabelle, I am tickled pink!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!! Merry Christmas!


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