Wednesday, October 30, 2013


#24 Limoges Chocolate Pot

I felt it was time to post another beautiful piece of Limoges from my collection. Fall has arrived and soon Winter will be on it's way.  So with thoughts of colder days and the Holidays ahead, I decided to share a beautiful Limoges Chocolate Pot. 

During the winter months there is nothing that warms you up like a sweet delicious cup of hot chocolate.  In today's world that is when we reach for a packet and mix it with hot water or warm milk.  Now image having that warm cup of a chocolate from a beautiful chocolate pot.  The Victorians would place real chocolate in chunks into a beautiful pot and then pour in warm milk.  The chocolate would melt and mix with the milk.  It was usually served to the children in the mornings to combat the cold and warm them up as they began their day.  

I love the soft blue and delicate pink roses of this beautiful chocolate pot. 

I think I will have to try making some Hot Chocolate in the old Victorian way this winter. 



See you soon with a new post showing off my 


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Friday, October 18, 2013


Salsa Recipe
The Gardens By Moonlight

Salsa Recipe

There are two things I love - Pinterest and a good recipe that leads to my creating something totally fabulous.  I love Chili's salsa and with this in mind I set out to find out what was in their fabulous salsa.  I wanted to make my own at home for my Eric.  So like any Pintetrest lover I searched Pinterest and I found a recipe that said it was Chili's Salsa.  Skeptical as I am with these things, I read the recipe and decided on what I thought would work to make a comparable salsa and off to the grocer I went with my hubby.  

I had tomatoes on my mind but more than that I needed green chillies, cumin and garlic.  This is aside from the fresh jalapenos and onion.  So I spent a little time looking through all the canned tomatoes and I choose Rotel tomatoes with green chilies and stewed tomatoes with jalapenos, cumin and garlic.  How lucky for me that they actually had this mix.  Yes, I could have added the cumin and garlic but this made it super easy for me.  

I love fresh jalapenos so I opted to dice some up by hand along with diced onions,  I then drained the cans of tomatoes into the dish I was using and I diced them up as well by hand.  I added everything back into the tomatoes juices and I was finished.  Then came the true test, we tasted it and it was beyond any expectations I had, just delicious.  This is perhaps the best salsa I have tasted in a long time.  I knew I had to share it with my blog friends.  I totally recommend this recipe.  If anyone tries it please let me know what you think.  

Salsa Recipe

1 14.5 oz can of Stewed Tomatoes with Cumin, Jalapenos and Garlic
1 Can of Rotel with Green Chillies
 (You can choose from Mild or Hot)
1 Large Fresh Jalapeno
1 Small Yellow Onion
1 Dash of Salt (if you prefer, I left this out)

Strain cans of tomatoes into dish 
that you are going to use for your Salsa
Dice tomatoes really well and place back into juice
 (I hand diced all mine ingredients 
but you could use a food processor).
Dice Jalapeno and onion
Mix together and serve or place in refrigerator 
to let all the flavors meld together. 


Now isn't that easy and oh sooooo good. 

My family loved the salsa and that makes me happy. 

I made my salsa in one of my vintage dishes.  This is the Pink Gooseberry Pyrex dish. Isn't it lovely!

The Gardens By Moonlight

As most of you probably know by now my husband returned home from a year long deployment.  Our 18th Anniversary was October 7 and he bought tickets for us to go to The Gardens By Moonlight.  It was a Jazz Concert that was held at The Botanical Gardens here in San Antonio.  As it turned out it was one of the hottest and most humid nights of the year but we still went.  We left early due to the heat but for the time we were there, we enjoyed our outing.  We listened to really good music, tasted some great foods and I had a glass of wine. The best part was we were together again. It was dark but we did get a couple photos of us together.  

He also got me a beautiful pair of  Amethyst Earrings.

I am a happy girl again!

Here's to Happiness For Everyone!

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties


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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Some Coconut Ice
The Bronze Star

Coconut Ice

Hello everyone, I am so happy to be back blogging again.  I hope this post finds everyone doing well and in good health.   As promised I finally got around to making my coconut ice.   I had been wanting to make this so that I could share it on my blog for some time.   I love coconut ice and by making it yourself you cut out all those processed additives that are not so good for us.  

Here is what you need

1 Cup of Sweetened Condensed Milk
2 Cups of Powdered (Icing) Sugar - Sifted
2 Cups of Dessicated (Dried) Coconut
Red Food Coloring (I used 3 drops)

Sift the powder sugar into a large mixing bowl.   Add the can of sweetened condensed milk and mix.   Next add the coconut and mix well.   Spread wax paper inside square pan and layer half the mix into the pan.   Then add food coloring to the remaining mixture and mix the color evenly into the mixture.   Then spread the rest of this mixture on top of the white layer in your square pan.   Place in the refrigerator for several hours until it sets up.   Slice into pieces and serve. 

I used cookie cutters to cut mine into hearts and stars. 

If you want to make it without the milk, here is a great recipe from AllRecipes.Com

The Bronze Star

As many of you know my Eric (husband) was deployed and serving in another country for the last year.  He has been home now for almost three weeks and I must tell you I am a happy girl.  It is so nice to have our family back together and we have been enjoying our time together.  Deployments are never an easy thing but somehow the pain of separation fades away once your loved one returns home to you.   For Eric and I it is always like new love all over again.   We want to be around each other all the time, we go everywhere together, we date, we cook together, and just laugh and talk and have so much fun getting to know each other again.  Okay so we are really like that all the time anyway but it is so good to have him back home. 

My Eric is not one to brag about himself.   He is a very humble person in that respect.   Matter of fact he was awarded The Bronze Star for his service while deployed.   I knew about this when it happened and I asked him to be sure to bring it home with him.   Once he got home I had to ask him to let me see it.   He got it for me and he gave me The Bronze Star.   I was so excited that he gave it to me.  He said, "you know sweetheart, I can buy those and as many as I want any day" and I said, "yes but it would not be the one you were awarded while there and it would not have traveled with you from there to here".   I am so proud of him that I wanted to brag (just a little) for him because he never will.   So here is my Eric's Bronze Star and in the last picture you can see were I pinned it onto my British Lulu handbag.  Hey, it matches....

Remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here is a recent photo of me and my Eric.   Everyone always picks on us because they say they can never get a good photo of us because Eric is always kissing me.  Something about having a camera pointed at us makes him want to kiss me.  

I will try to get more photos soon. 

I hope to be back soon to show you my new skirt.  I want to make a tulle skirt in blue for me and a purple one for Tiffany.   If everything goes well, we will share our new skirts with everyone.   If I never mention it again, well you will know it did not work.  :) 

See you very soon,

Tea Cottage Pretties


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