Friday, September 27, 2013


My Prince Has Returned Home!

It was a very tense week from the 16th of this month till the day my Eric came home.  As hard as a year long deployment can be, the trip home can be so nerve racking.  Waiting for everything each step of the way from phone calls that they have started their journey home, delays, broken planes, weather, making it to the USA, delays again, and so on.  Then finally you get the phone call you have really been waiting for and you have a day (today) and a time, in our case midnight (maybe).  Who cares, it could be 3 in the morning, you don't care as long as they get home.   

I made it to the Welcome Home Ceremony location and put up our banner.  

Then we waited again.....

June Waited...

Tiffany Waited....

The band played from time to time.  My girls had refreshments and June met some new friends and played air hockey and we waited.  You listen and watch for signs that they are on their way.  You text and watch your phone for word.  Then I got the text I had been waiting for and he said we are headed that way.  We entered the room and found our seats.  Then we anxiously waited for them to march in and for our first glance at our loved ones.  

In the photo below you can see the banner I had made for my husband.  The pictured has been blurred on purpose to respect others privacy. 

I was sitting in an area right where they passed as they entered so I easily picked out my husband as he walked by me.  I wanted to run and grab him but we can't do that, we must wait yet again.  So we waited and I honestly can not even tell you what was said other than I heard "dismissed" and ran.  I could not find him anywhere among the soldiers and I was getting nervous. Where is he?  The I saw him walking away from me with his back to me and I ran to catch him.  I touched him and he turned around and saw me standing there and somehow we had our arms around each other and seconds later our girls almost knocked us over.  Then after hugging our girls, he realized we did not even kiss and he stopped and said let me kiss your mommy and so we kissed.  

My Prince had finally after a very long and hard year returned home.  And all was right with the world once more.  

I will be back blogging soon and I promise to get my coconut ice up soon.  A very special thank you to all my friends who helped me make it through this extremely hard year.  For all my blogger friends that helped me get through each day.  I am thankful for all of you and your friendship made a big difference for me.  Not just with this deployment but even with my chronic illness.  You are my inspiration, you give me friendship and your support is priceless.  

Welcome to all my new followers and thank you ever so kindly for joining us here at Tea Cottage Pretties!

Sorry I did not have a picture taken of Eric and I, 
we were to busy holding hands and kissing.....

Coverage of Re-Deployment

Video of Re-Deployment

Here is a recent photo of us
 although it was not taken the day he returned. 

See you soon, 

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Oh, sweet Beverly, I am so over-the-moon happy for you both! I love that you were too involved and enthralled with each other to remember to take a snap. I swear, that's a hefty part of the reason why there are so few (ridiculously few) photos of Tony and I together (something we always say we need to work on - even on our trip to Calgary, we forgot to ask anyone to take a snap of us together...eeeer!!).

    Enjoy your sweetheart and this time together, savouring each moment, smile, shared laugh, simple joy and beautiful kiss.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. OH BEVERLY!!! I'm so excited for you all!! I know June and Tiffany are just floating high on a cloud of happiness each day!! And you my friend....may you float the rest of your days! Welcome home Eric and I hope you get acclimated to normal life again very soon. Beverly you MUST have the girls take some pictures of y'all!!!! HINT HINT!!! Waving my flag in your honor, and sending lots of hugs,


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