Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Confession - I am Sew Not A Seamstress

I have never been great at sewing although I have sewn a lot during my life.  If I had to make something very tailored it would be a disaster.  What I am good at is my style, simply put I know exactly what I love and it is the things that I love that I can make.  I stick to the simple things that do not take a lot of time but speak volumes about who I am and what I love.  Have you noticed I love to make handbags?  Well I love handbags so that is what I love to make.  

This past Memorial Day while others were celebrating with family I stayed inside with my girls.  After all that is where I am most happy, with my girls.  My oldest daughter Tiffany woke me up and said "mom, I want to make something today" and I said okay let me get myself together and we will see what we can do.  Having fibromyalgia and all the other yucky stuff, I can't just jump up and be off and running.  So I pulled myself together and I started thinking.  Tiffany and I had bought some beautiful fabric for like $1.00 a yard and we had planned on making a skirt.  So I told her, let's make your bow skirt.  We went to work on what turned out to be the cutest skirt for my beautiful Tiffany.  

We already had a petticoat and all we needed was to make the skirt and bows for it.  So without further ado, here is my beautiful Tiffany with her brand new BOW SKIRT with love from her mom.......

I love her beautiful smile

"Where do you want me to stand mom?"

Little black ribbon bow detail



I took so many pictures, she was sweet but I could tell she was done.

Did you notice we made a scarf to match?

The skirt is your basic elastic wasted skirt with 4 ribbon bows that are actually pins so that they can be removed. This will allow her to wear her skirt in 2 different ways, with and without bows....

Tiffany is uber delighted with her new skirt and she is wearing it to school tomorrow.  She told me that all her friends tell her that she wears costumes and they are always excited to see what she will wear next.  Tiffany loves skirts and dresses and all sorts of stylish and fabulous clothes, she gets that from me......

So my beautiful Tiffany got a skirt and I wasn't finished yet.  I had some fabulous PARIS duck fabric and I wanted a pair of shorts.  I did not have a pattern so I simply used a pair of my favorite shorts to make myself the cutest shorts ever.  Wait till you see them......

Here is what the fabric looks like...

And here are my finished shorts

Here's how I made them...

I used my favorite pair of shorts to cut out my fabric.  Then I sewed the side seams of each leg (right sides together).  I flipped on leg right side out and placed it inside the other leg so that the right sides were facing each other.  Then I stitched them together on the center seam.  Next I hemmed them after ironing my hem.  Then I ironed the waist and stitched it leaving a small opening for my elastic.  I used a big safety pin and fed the elastic through the waist.  Then I sewed the two ends together and closed up the small area I left open.  I turned them right side out and ironed them and I now had shorts. 

After I finished them, I realized I had this beautiful crochet with ribbon going through it and I wanted to add it.  So I measured and cut the trim and then stitched it onto the shorts.  It was the perfect trim for my new Paris shorts.  

And here they are again...

Here I am with my new shorts on....

I love my new shorts and they will be great for this summer....

Wanted to share a couple photos of my porcelain brooch collection. 

These sit on our dresser in the master bedroom. 

I love these tiny little works of art.

Notice the card that says, 
"For All The Things You Do. 
These Buds Are For You!"
Love, Eric

Well as anyone who knows me knows, my husband has a beautiful sense of humor.  There use to be a commercial for beer that went something like "for all the things you do this buds for you".  Well one day while I was at work I received a dozen beautiful red roses and this card was on them.  I have kept it all these years and I always smile when I see it....

Well I think that about sums it up for this week. Tiffany and I had a blast making our new clothes and we will have tons of fun wearing them now.

Happy Sewing
Tea Cottage Pretties

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Vintage Goodies,
Pretty Sugar Cube Tutorial
 and The Jewelry Box Part III

Vintage Goodies

Remember these vintage goodies from my last post?

I love all these sweet fabulous vintage goodies.  I love old wooden frames with lots of details.  Even though the frame was already very cute with it's aged and stained paint, I needed it to match my new jewelry box that I have been working on.  So I painted it the same color as my jewelry box.  I added a canvas fabric to an 8 X 10 canvas for painting and made a pin board to display my antique hand painted porcelain brooches.  I hand stamped some darling little images on the canvas and added a sweet PARIS vintage blue ribbon binding bow to the hand stamped dress.  Then I used pearl topped pins to place my favorite floral brooches on it.  I also pinned my 3 section key/watch fob and a set of earrings that match one of my brooches.  The earrings and brooch were together in the set when I found them.  I think it is amazing that they have stayed together all these years.  

Here is my new Frame displaying my Porcelain Brooches. 

Next I just fell in love with those little glass jars.  When I was very young I had a thing for small glass jars.  I would take them and hide them in my closet.  I always ended up making something out of them.  Being only about 6 it was usually a snow globe.  You know colored water and tiny pieces of paper.  I LOVED it.....  Well here I am a few years older and I still love small glass jars.  

I filled the first one with white glass pearls I decided to make a vintage label for it.  So I went to work and before I knew it I had something that looked like this.

I had to trim the edges and age it a little and then I simply used Mod Podge and attached it to my little jar.  I also added a small ribbon and here are my Pearls of Wisdom. Sometimes I just tickle myself.

I then placed the wooden spools of thread inside my other jar.  I wanted something similar to my Pearls Jar so I thought I would make a "Spools of Love Jar" and so I did just that. 

Antique Moon and Star Stick Pin with original case.

One of my recent vintage finds.  I think about the young lady who received this pin maybe as a gift, maybe she picked it out herself.  For now it is my turn to care for it, until one day when it is passed to another for safe keeping.  

Pretty Sugar Cube Tutorial

Pink Roses and Green Leaves Sugar Cubes
This was in my last post but since that was intended mostly for family, I decided to post my Sugar Cube Tutorial again so that I can share it.  

What You Need

Wilton Clear Plastic Candy Mold
I found these work the best. 
The silicon molds take longer to dry 
and it was harder to get the sugar cubes out. 

1/2 Sugar
1 Drop of Food Coloring
1 Tablespoon of Water

Mix everything together until well blended.
Place in your molds for approx. 10 hours.
Carefully remove from molds and place on a plate 
right side up to finish drying. 

I had a few inquiries about the molds I used so I wanted to come back and post a photo of the molds.  Hope this helps...

And here are our pretty sugar cubes...

You now have beautiful Sugar Cubes for
your coffee, tea or dessert decoration. 

I was thinking after I made these that you could most likely flavor them.  I like Vanilla, Mint and Lemon Extract.  So the next time I make them I will try to flavor them and I will let you know the results. 

The Jewelry Box Part III

This week I also worked on my Jewelry Box Project.  I added a canvas fabric to the top using mod podge.  I hand stamped the fabric top and added a sweet collection of rose fabric trim and decorations.  Of course I had to add some sparkle so I used some rhinestone buttons.  I love how it turned out. 

Then I went to work on the first drawer.  As it turned out this was easier than I had originally thought it would be.  I added a vintage crochet table scarf that I had in my linens and simply placed all my brooches on top.  I am very pleased and it makes it super easy to look them over and find what I need.  The best part is that they are now ALL in one place.  

Brooch Draw

I have now placed my Jewelry Box in it's spot where it will stay. 

I think it looks fabulous with my mirror and my new porcelain brooch frame. 

Hope to finish my Jewelry Box in the near future but for now I am taking a break from it. Never fear I will post photos when I finish it. 

Oh I forgot one thing so I had to come back and add it.  I made a Vintage Perfume Label Cloth Bag to go inside my Jewelry Box.  It can hold any number of girly things. 

See you soon,
Tea Cottage Pretties

Sunday, May 19, 2013


The Spoon Theory
by Christine Miserandino

Living With Fibromyalgia, Pernicious Anemia and Hypothyroidism

For the ones I love and that love me back....

I know before I open my eyes each day how many spoons I have and I try very hard not to waste a single one of them.  

I have never been very good at explaining how I feel, not even to myself and certainly not to anyone else.  I am posting this here because of all the things I have ever read this comes the closest to explaining what my life feels like.  What it feels like to be sick. 

 I live on an ENERGY ECONOMY - Energy Needed, Energy Saved and Energy Used.  It is a lot like money only it is energy.  Aside from the Energy Economy I also have to deal with chronic pain that NEVER goes away.  My pain may be to varying degrees but it NEVER EVER goes away.  

I cried when I read this and I think it is important not just for those of us that live with Chronic Disorders but especially for those that love us.  I always save my energy for those I love most.  This cost me in terms of a social life but I have to set my priorities.  Just know that if you are my friend and I share my time with you,  I have given you something very valuable for I have given you at least one of my spoons.  To all those I love and those who love me, thank you for understanding me.......

Please click the link below to read: 
by Christine Miserandino


My distraction from being sick

I think I love to craft and create pretty things because it is a distraction from my pain and from feeling sick.  So this weekend my beautiful Tiffany and I made some Rose and Leaves Sugar Cubes. 

Pretty Sugar Cubes

This is a very easy to do project and as you can see the results are so sweet...

What You Need
1/2 Sugar
1 Drop of Food Coloring
1 Tablespoon of Water

Mix everything together until well blended.
Place in your molds for approx. 10 hours.
Carefully remove from molds and place on a plate 
right side up to finish drying. 

You now have beautiful Sugar Cubes for
your coffee, tea or dessert decoration. 

My beautiful husband 
who makes everything all better

Tiffany as Daisy in
 The Great Gatsby
School Film

Tea cottage Pretties

As of today I now have a Blog Button!!!

YAY ME!!!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Precious Handmade Candy 

This past weekend my Tiffany and I decided to finally make our candy.  We wanted to make some roses and leaves to go with them.  We got some candy melts that were white chocolate mint flavor.  While shopping for the melts we found a super cute spoon mold and we had to get it. 

The spoons are great for dipping into hot tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  They would make a great garnish for any dessert as well.  There are so many flavor options as well.  

I love that these candies are so girly and pretty.  

They make a beautiful display for your table.  Great for a dinner party or just a special afternoon with your girl friends. 

Here are 2 of the molds that we used.  

These are very inexpensive and easy to use. You can buy everything you need at just about any craft store.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby but even Wal-Mart carries a small selection of things to make candy.  We plan to use our molds to make sugar roses and leaves for our sugar pot.  Be sure to watch for them in a future blog post.  


First we melted down the chocolates.  Simply follow the directions on the bag. We used the microwave melts which are super easy to use and melt.  We used red dye in half the chocolate to make it pink.   Then we put the chocolate into icing bags. We now have squeeze bottles as this will work better but we did not have them the day we made these.  Next we simply squeezed the chocolate into the molds.  You have to shake the molds to get the air bubbles out and to even up the candy.  We placed them in the refrigerator and several hours later we popped them right out.  Very simple and fun and the results are so sweet.......  

Great project to do with your children.  

The Jewelry Box
Part II

As promised here is my progress on the jewelry box. After finishing opening the top up, adding hinges and painting it was time for the fun stuff. 

 I went to work on making a lining for the top section.

Lining collage

For the lining I used a canvas fabric.  I printed a collage out on fabric and stitched it to the fabric along with some pretty trim.  

I also printed out a vintage perfume label and hand stamped it to make a small pillow for my bracelets. I used a vintage jewelry box and hand stamped it and stained it for a sweet box to hold my favorite earrings. 

Larger view of bracelet pillow

I used a tiny box covered with a vintage piece of crochet given to me by Doni.  This holds all my extra charms for my bracelet.  I used a pretty fabric flower to hold my Princess Diana Tiara Ring and Earrings given to me by my husband. 

I printed out a vintage perfume label on fabric and made a round ring holder out of it.  For my earrings I used a vintage printable made by Doni and more of her fabulous vintage crochet.  

I glued the fabric lining inside the top and added pretty trim with my glue gun.  Then I put everything together inside my jewelry box.  Isn't it all so lovely together? 

Next I went to work on the lining inside the top.  I added a mirror and a smaller vintage Colgate label to the top lining. You may notice in the picture that the trim is not finished on the top.  I ran out and my craft shop is out of it. I am waiting for them to get more in....

And here is my new Jewelry Box!

Now I still have quite a few more things to do to complete my jewelry box.  I plan to decorate the top of it with fabric and stamps.   I also have two more drawers to work on.  The first drawer will hold all my brooches.  Did I tell you that I have a thing for brooches?  I have a ton of them and they need a home. 

 As for that BIG bottom draw...
Well I am still thinking about that one. 

So be sure to visit me next time for Part III of my Jewelry Box Project to see my progress.
This has truly become a labor of love. 

Is that a word?

On a visit to one of my favorite little spots here in Texas. 

 I found these goodies.

I added the glass pearls to the little glass jar.
Wait to see what I plan to do with these beauties....

Mother's Day

My new makeup!!!!
This is a small collection of Etude House Princess Etoinette makeup from Korea.  

The owl is their endangered species line of hand creams.  

The White Powder Container holds body powder.  The pink Powder Container holds heart shaped blushes.  There is a tube of beautiful pink lipstick and a compact mirror.  

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!


I got a new Doctor this week and I have someone to give me my B12 shots.  I have an advocate on my side and she has been wonderful.  Things are starting to look up....

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.
See you next time


Tea Cottage Pretties


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