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Bathroom Makeover

More pictures below...

While we are waiting on an approval for all of us to go to Korea I decided to get busy getting the house ready to sell.  Even if we do not  all get to go to Korea as a family we will still be trying to sell our home in the near future, so it can't hurt to get started.  Our upstairs bathroom needed the most attention of any room in our home.  It is over used and abused so I decided it needed some TLC.  I chose a simple neutral palette of colors including mostly tans and shades of brown.  I wanted a simple clean look that appeals to both males and females and I wanted to stay on a tiny budget.  I will show you a breakdown at the bottom of this post. I also wanted the things I chose to go with us when we move on, so I wanted to love it as well. 

With that in mind I found a very nice shower curtain featuring a vintage Paris theme.  It features all my favorites Paris, vintage postcards and vintage perfume labels. 

To compliment the shower curtain I chose tan rugs and accent towels.  I gave you a sneak peak at my towels in my previous post.  The towels and rugs are all by Better Homes and Gardens and I loved the color.  I felt the towels needed something special so I added a very nice crochet and ribbon trim to a bath towels hand towel and wash cloth.  

When I purchased my towels they looked like this...

I added the trim and here they are after...

 I love how they turned out...

  I do not really like those carpet type toilet covers and I think they are unsanitary as well.   So I also made a cute burlap doily for the back of the toilet.  I added the same crochet trim to the doily. 

The last thing I made by hand was a toothbrush cup. 

I made it using a tin can (from canned corn),  I made sure that the edges were not sharp.  I cleaned it well and dried it.  Then I cut some fabric, got out my trusty scissors and my hot glue gun.  I glued the fabric on to the can.  Then I made a nice seam and folded the fabric over the bottom and the top.  I added a piece of crochet trim and just like that I had a matching toothbrush holder. 

You can see the rugs in this picture..

The rugs are super soft and I think they will appeal to just about anyone.  I do not like toilet rugs so I did not buy that kind of rug.  I choose one for in front of the bathtub and one for the sink.  I will show you the rest of my decor choices below...

  We had to fix a few places in the walls, ceiling and cover all the holes in the walls first.  We had to paint the walls so I decided to select a color that was close to what we already had on the walls.  I just wanted them to look clean and nice for others to see. 

After doing the repairs, I of course cleaned the bathroom really well.  I cleaned all the fixtures, inside cabinets and closets.  Once everything was cleaned up it was time for my favorite part - DECORATING.  

This particular bathroom is long and narrow so it is super hard to take photos but here are the before photos. I had already removed all the things off the walls so the bathroom is kind of  bare in these photos. 



It is simple and clean with just a few special touches and one art piece on the wall.  Most of my decor items came from around our home.  I love shopping in my own home and reusing things in a different way.  

Cost For Decor Items

Shower Curtain       $17.00   Amazon
Towels                       $10.00  Walmart
 Rugs                           $24.00  Walmart
  Crochet Trim                $4.00  Walmart
        Wall Art                       $3.00  Hobby Lobby
Burlap Trim                $4.00 Walmart
Decorations                                Free      

  Total                         $57.00                       

Cost For DIY Items

Paint $18.00
Caulk $6.00
Wall Putty $4.00

Total $28.00

So this bathroom update cost a total of $85.00

I think it was well worth the price.  I am super pleased with our bathroom redo. I want to thank my son for painting the walls for me, his help was greatly appreciated. 

This bathroom may not sell our home but it certainly won't keep anyone from buying it 

One room down and HOW MANY TO GO???

Till next time, 


Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love the lace trim on the towels and the toothbrush holder is perfect. Happy Spring!

  2. What a beautiful post. I love everything you made, too. I recognize that lace - cluny lace, I think. We made lace Victorian pillows for years. Best wishes, Linda


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