Thursday, December 13, 2012


Twinings Tea For Christmas

My Eric is away this year so we will not get to be together for Christmas.  He is off doing what he does and serving our country.  Yes, I am a military wife and I often find myself alone without him, taking care of things here on the home front.  It can be a hard life at times and I won't even begin to tell you all how much I miss him.  I can however tell you that he and I are tremendously in love with each other.  He is a very kind and generous person and he spoils me rotten.  Although, usually he does not go out and buy me gifts, he always tells me that I can have whatever I want.  During the Holidays we usually do not buy each other gifts and opt instead to buy gifts for others and to make sure our sweet girls have a great Christmas.  However, this year I needed something warm and relaxing so I decided I wanted a beautiful box of tea.  I love Twinings Tea and I told him that is what I wanted and so that is what I got.  It came in a beautiful well crafted wooden box and I just love it.  Although I can picture the box filled with lovely lace, vintage buttons and other beautiful things.  I could even see it as a jewelry box but I do intend to keep my teas in my box.  I was so happy with my tea that I wanted to share it.  

Evenings are my favorite part of the day.  I love talking to my girls and spending time with them. Then once they are off to bed I love to sit with my Eric and just relax.  My tea is part of my evening routine. It really does seem to relax me and make me feel all warm and cozy. 

So Merry Christmas to me and a very Merry Christmas to everyone. 

May your evenings all be warm and cozy....

My Eric

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  1. Oh yea, full of laces and buttons and ribbon...ahhhhh, and think of how nice it would be to look at it full of lovelies WHILE you drink your tea! I'm excited for you! I know you'll love this box full of yummy teas for many years. And you'll think of ME when you open it. Put at least ONE piece of lace in there!!! :)
    I've been a military wife before, but not for a whole year. I had two little boys and they were constantly waiting to hear from him. It was certainly a time when I needed friends and family close. I hope you have a very special holiday this year.


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