Saturday, August 9, 2014


Made In England

As promised in my last post I wanted to share some pictures of my dinnerware set that I found here in Korea.  There is a giant store here called eMart and that is where I found this really cute set of dinnerware.
I was delighted when I found it because it was made in England and it had crowns on it.  I love crowns and I just could not leave eMart without it.  Besides it was the last set they had on the shelf.  

The set includes 4 mugs, 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates and 4 bowls.  Each piece has a different variation of the design.  In the photo above you can see the bowl which is more red than the other pieces. 

Here you can see the bowl and the salad plate. 

And here is the dinner plate. 

The handle on the darling mug.

Just a really cute casual set to use and enjoy. 

Loving my new dinnerware set,

Tea Cottage Pretties

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Two Of My Favorite Things
Tea and Shopping

Oh and macaroons!!!

It's the small familiar things that are comforting and make you feel at home.  For me that is my tea and of course shopping.  We had sent our tea collection to Korea in our Hold Baggage (a small shipment of things that arrive in another country before you arrive).  Tiffany and I were so delighted when we got our tea collection back!  We even found a really cute tea pot while out shopping here in Korea.  So after our shopping trip we made us a nice pot of tea...  

We had picked up some French macaroons at eMart in Pyongtaek, Korea and we enjoyed them with our tea. 

The lovely handcrafted flower was made for me by my dear friend Doni. 

 Isn't it beautiful....

  Did you notice the plate and mugs on my tea tray?   I found this really sweet 16 piece dinnerware set, made in England.  The dinnerware is adorned with hearts, the words LOVE and MADE IN ENGLAND and my favorite crowns!!!  This set was made in England and really inexpensive so how could I go wrong. I will share some pictures of the set in my next post. 

When we arrived in Korea I expected to find home decor items with an Asian flair to them but what I have found is that most home decor here is shabby chic.  For example, I needed a water proof chair that I could sit in the bathroom/shower to sit and shave my legs.  First let me explain the shower/bathroom thing.  The entire bathroom is the shower.  You can actually spray your bathroom down and then rinse it all down the drain.  It is truly a dream bathroom. 


Here is the bathroom...

See my chair

Here is a close up so you can see the beautiful colors.  This little chairs even folds up for storing and it was only $14.00.  The materials are vinyl (seat fabric) and metal no cheap plastic here. Isn't is adorable and so Shabby Chic in style. 

Next we found some comforters.  We were in need of something to cover up with and we did not want to spend a lot of money.  We found two of these on sale for 50% off.  They are made under the brand name Laura Ashley but here it is called Ashley Casa (Home).  

It's the little things like this that make you feel at home and all comfy.  Although we have not received our household goods or moved to our permanent villa yet, we have managed to make our temporary villa a little more like home. 

And therefore a little more comfy...

Looking forward to moving to a more permanent villa and to making it our home for the next two years while here in Korea...

For now I think I will have another cup of tea,

Tea Cottage Pretties

Friday, August 1, 2014


With Love From Korea

Join me while I introduce you to Seoul Korea

In a garden on our first day in Seoul, Korea

We arrive in Seoul late in the evening on 15 July 2014.  We were tired, weary and hungry.  All we wanted was some food and a place to sleep and that is just what we did.  We awoke early in the morning on the 16th of July and went out to explorer our new surroundings.  The grand hotel that we were staying in had beautiful gardens.  This was my first impression of Korea. 

The gardens surrounding our hotel 

My girls and I exploring. 

 I love my June Bug's closed eyes.  She looks like she is enjoying  a peaceful moment and I think she was.  

Seoul Tower

 These little birds were my friends.   

Everyday is a learning experience here in Korea. 
I am in the process of learning about my new surroundings and finding treasures along the way. 

Look at this beautiful ribbon I found. I love them all but my favorite it the cameo girl with crowns.  I can't wait to make something with my new ribbon. 

Here are some goodies I bought for my mom and my mother-in-law. 

Inside our temporary villa

With love from Korea,

Tea Cottage Pretties


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