Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our Snowy Winter's Day Surprise!

Our Snowy Winter's Day Surprise!

Living in South Texas we did not have Winter and we certainly did not get any snow.  Well unless you count the one morning that it snowed for about an hour at 3 am and then was gone by 5 am.  I missed seeing all four seasons of the year. There is something about them that balances me and makes me feel better.  I especially love Winter.  I guess I am a Winter girl at heart. 

My Tiffany is no different.  They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and it really doesn't.  

And there goes my little one, running around playing.  I honestly could not get her stand still long enough to get a good picture.  She told me she was a big foot....

We were not expecting snow on this day.  It was a warm 42 degrees and suddenly it was snowing.  An hour later it was 32 degrees and still snowing and from there it went on for several hours. 

She was still running around. 

Yes, she was cold but her coat and gloves were only off for a few minutes. 




See I got her to stop for a second. 

The three of us had a lovely time in the snow.  This was an unexpected and wonderful surprise for us and quite possibly our last snow for the season since today was the 28th of February.  

Tiffany and I got our all dressed up photos in the snow and June played and had fun. 

 It was a very good day. 

Hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are and whatever your weather. 

Hugs, Beverly

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Blue wool with fur lining gloves - Korean Fashions
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Black wool with fur lining gloves - Korean Fashions
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Macarons from a Kit? Yes, please...

Macarons from a Kit

Yes, please...

After 10 days of being sick Tiffany and I were missing our fun in the kitchen,  So for the sake of simplicity we found this macaron kit and thought we would give it a try. 

We found this in a shop called ArtBox here in Korea and we simply could not resist,  It came with everything you need to make them except the mixer and baking tray,  

There was the almond flour mix, bags, template and more, 

These were simple and easy to make and in the end they are the best macarons we have every made.  If you have ever considered buying a kit, I highly recommend that you do,  You will get fresh and fabulous macarons.  These are great for parties and everyone will be impressed.

Our final product was exceptional!!!

I think they are beautiful placed on my antique Limoges,  

You can find these kits on amazon and maybe if you are lucky you can find them in your grocery stores.  They are becoming more popular in the US.

Next I will be posting our tea infused cream tea cups.  


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Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Neighbor Totoro Surprise

My Neighbor Totoro Surprise

It's COLD and I have a COLD

Even the best-laid plans often fail and for me this past week everything I had planned never happened because I have had a severe cold all week.  Not only have I had a cold but my entire family has been sick.  You know how it begins, the young one goes off to school, she picks up a bug at school, brings it home, gives it to the rest of us and then she gets better and we are all sick.  Also, the low temperatures here are not helping matters at all.  We have been getting down to as low as 2 degrees F, that's cold...

So long story short, we did not get to make our cream teacups but they are still on our things to do list for next week!  I promise to get them made and share them here on my blog as soon as possible. Until then I wanted to share something else with you today.  You never know what you might run into when you roam around South Korea.  Recently I was headed to Seoul for a mini vacation with my hubby and I traveled via the metro.  The metro is a subway/rail system here in Korea.  I decided to get off the metro at Yongsan not realizing that this was actually the station at iPark Mall.  

iPark Mall is a massive mall in Seoul.  Once I got off the metro I was surrounded by a massive building and I had no idea even how to exit the building.  I sat off looking for an exit and on my way out I ran into a toy store.  This was one of the biggest toy stores I have ever seen in my life.  In the windows out front were massive My Neighbor Totoro displays.  I love Hayao Miyazaki and I adore his animations and movies.  So I simply had to run inside and see what this was all about!!!

The Totoro Shop was all the way in the back but I simply had to snap some photos before running back outside to meet my hubby,  he was picking me up there to take me back to our hotel.  

I so enjoyed seeing these sights so I wanted to share them on my blog. 

This was a display window outside the store. 

Another window display

These were items in display cases. 

This was a giant Totoro inside the store.  

This last one was my favorite.  In the movie, My Neighbor Totoro, the cat is a bus.  This one was actually big enough for several adults to sit inside of it.  Although, I am pretty sure they would never have allowed it.  

See the giant Lego Man behind him? 

If you have never seen any of Hayao Miyazaki's movies you have truly missed out.  He is an amazing artist. 

Here are a few of his titles. 

Kiki's Delivery Service
Howl's Moving Castle
My Neighbor Totoro

and there are many more....

He has been compared to Disney however, he certainly has his own style and his story are quite touching. 

Hope you enjoyed!

Hugs, Beverly

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