Monday, March 23, 2015


Life's Not A Fairy Tale!

When you live with Fibromyalgia...

This past weekend I took my girls to see the new Cinderella movie.  My Tiffany and I dressed up in our Cinderella dresses and my youngest June went in her favorite shirt and jeans.  We were headed out for a girl's day out to have fun and make memories.  I smiled through the pictures, the drive to the theater,  getting into the movies, buying popcorn and goodies and through the movie, we had a fabulous time. What I did not tell my girls was that I was in the throes of a Fibro flair up and I was hurting,  exhausted and it was all I could do to smile. Instead I smiled the entire time and I pushed through and we made great memories.  

I am so happy that we went and I treasure our time together and I could never replace those memories had I missed the chance to make them with my girls.  I could have told them that I was hurting and that I just couldn't find the strength to go but I didn't and really how could I have told them.  Look at their smiling faces and they had so much fun.  They loved the movie and so did I and I almost forgot how bad I was hurting at times during the movie.  Thankfully the chairs were comfortable and the low light helps (light actually makes me hurt)  and the air was just right (any stimuli that is uncomfortable makes me hurt more).  So the room itself was perfect and did not add to my discomfort.  

Life is not a fairy tale but for one day this past weekend we did make a little magic and my girls and I had a fairy tale day, they need never know that I was hurting so bad.   I have given them a beautiful memory forever and that is priceless.  No one can ever take that away from them or from me.  For on this day I fought back, I held back my tears and I took my two sweethearts out for the day. 

I love you Tiffany and June with all my heart. 

Love, Mommy

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Sunday, March 15, 2015


DIY Wire Headbands

Do you remember the circle skirt I made a few weeks ago? 
 Click on the picture to see my original post. 

Well knowing how I love to pull everything together and make it match you know I had to make a headband to go with my skirt. So I decided on the very useful and simple wire wrap headbands.  This is a simple and super easy headband to make. 


22 Gauge wire
Tape Measure
Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread

I had a few headbands that I had bought so I simply measured them to figure out how long to make my headbands.  However, if you do not own one you can simply take your tape measure and wrap it around your head where you would actually wear your new headband and add about 5.25" tip each end.  Then cut your fabric length out making it approx. 4.5" wide.  

Note: I folded my fabric and cute on the fold.  

Iron the fabric and with chalk draw the curve ends till they came to a point. I did not capture a photo of where I drew my lines but here is what it will look like when sewn together.  This tip should be on each end and you should leave a 1.5" opening in the middle so that you can flip it right side out when you are finished sewing and then insert the wire. 

Opening so that you can flip the headband and insert the wire.  Once you have done this simply stitch the opening closed. 

Once you have the headband turned right side out cut your wire to place inside.  Cut it 2" longer than your headband then bend each end over so that the wire will not poke out of the ends.  Just bend it in kind of a loop so that the ends are smooth. Then stitch up the opening and you are finished. 

When you are done you will have a brand new headband.  You can make these to match any of your outfits.  They are super easy and so much fun.  I get compliments every time I wear them out and you know we girls love compliments. 

At the request of my friend I will be adding some photos to show how to wear the headbands as soon as I can get some taken. Be sure to come back to see them. 

Happy sewing, 

Tea Cottage Pretties

Monday, March 9, 2015


Jewelry Inventory

Part 3 Bracelets


Pearl Bracelets

Pink Pearl Bracelet

Christmas Gift

 Double Strand Pearl With Diamond Accents

Gift from my husband

Small Pearl Bracelet with Crown Clasp

Gift to myself

Pearl with Toggle Clasp and Heart


Onyx with Pearl

Gift to myself

Pearl and Gold Flex Bangle

Gift from my husband

Semiprecious and Precious Stones

Blue Topaz with Diamond Accents

Gift from my husband

Ruby with Diamond Accents

Gift to myself

Pink Topaz Butterfly Bracelet

Gift from my husband

Opal with Diamond Accents

Gift to myself

Sapphire with Diamond Accents



Gift from husband

Blue Topaz and Diamond


Ruby and Diamond

Gift to self

Heart with Diamond Accents


Italian Gold 

This one is special to me as it was a gift from my mother. The images for this one came out really bad so I will retake them and upload a better one later. 

Gift from my husband

Gift from my husband on Valentine's Day in Puerto Rico.

My sister and I were out shopping one day and she bought me this just because I said I liked it.  I have lost it before and in a panic I back tracked and found it.  It is very special to me. 

Initial Heart

Scognamiglio Cameo

I saved my favorite for last.  This is my charm bracelet and the charms on it have been collected over the last 18 years.  

There are shoes for my girls with their birthstones on them.  There are also lots of girly things like lipstick, a dress, a pretty hand mirror,  a handbag, hat and umbrella.  There is also a spoon, fork and knife set and a teapot and cake.  Then there is a butterfly, bee and a dragonfly.  There is also a heart, my daughters ring from when she was a baby and a crown with seed pearls.  One of my favorites is the articulated bear with a bow tie.  I have other pieces that I can add and most of these charms can be removed as well so it can change.  I will be taking an inventory later of all my charms.  

This is my second charm bracelet.  This one was purchased in Peurto Rico after I realized my first charm bracelet could not handle the weight of all my charms.  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. 

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties

Monday, March 2, 2015


Threads Of Love

I love vintage sewing notions to include buttons, thread and beautiful thread boxes.

This is a beautiful wooden thread box with the Clark's  O.N.T. label on the inside. 

I love the ornate clasp on the front of the box and it has a beautiful patina. 

Sew beautiful...

I also recently found a thread box here in Korea.  This one is more modern but still pretty neat. 

The spools are skinny and long instead of short and chunky like we have in the States. 

I have actually used some of the Korean thread and it is really nice.  I plan to bring a set home with me when we return to the States. 

And now for my new threads!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a thing for dresses and for dressing up.  Recently I added two dresses to my collection that are just over the moon gorgeous. One I ma saving for our Ball in May but the other one I can share with you now. 

My Cinderella Dress


This is kind of like a quilted dress.  The images sewn into it are carriages and glass slippers.  It has a pretty tulle underskirt and more. 

Love the ribbon lace up back. 

The beautiful tag. 

This is stitched on to the side hem of the dress. 

I am thinking I should so wear this to see the new Cinderella movie, what do you think?

Loving my new threads!!!
Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties


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