Monday, March 9, 2015


Jewelry Inventory

Part 3 Bracelets


Pearl Bracelets

Pink Pearl Bracelet

Christmas Gift

 Double Strand Pearl With Diamond Accents

Gift from my husband

Small Pearl Bracelet with Crown Clasp

Gift to myself

Pearl with Toggle Clasp and Heart


Onyx with Pearl

Gift to myself

Pearl and Gold Flex Bangle

Gift from my husband

Semiprecious and Precious Stones

Blue Topaz with Diamond Accents

Gift from my husband

Ruby with Diamond Accents

Gift to myself

Pink Topaz Butterfly Bracelet

Gift from my husband

Opal with Diamond Accents

Gift to myself

Sapphire with Diamond Accents



Gift from husband

Blue Topaz and Diamond


Ruby and Diamond

Gift to self

Heart with Diamond Accents


Italian Gold 

This one is special to me as it was a gift from my mother. The images for this one came out really bad so I will retake them and upload a better one later. 

Gift from my husband

Gift from my husband on Valentine's Day in Puerto Rico.

My sister and I were out shopping one day and she bought me this just because I said I liked it.  I have lost it before and in a panic I back tracked and found it.  It is very special to me. 

Initial Heart

Scognamiglio Cameo

I saved my favorite for last.  This is my charm bracelet and the charms on it have been collected over the last 18 years.  

There are shoes for my girls with their birthstones on them.  There are also lots of girly things like lipstick, a dress, a pretty hand mirror,  a handbag, hat and umbrella.  There is also a spoon, fork and knife set and a teapot and cake.  Then there is a butterfly, bee and a dragonfly.  There is also a heart, my daughters ring from when she was a baby and a crown with seed pearls.  One of my favorites is the articulated bear with a bow tie.  I have other pieces that I can add and most of these charms can be removed as well so it can change.  I will be taking an inventory later of all my charms.  

This is my second charm bracelet.  This one was purchased in Peurto Rico after I realized my first charm bracelet could not handle the weight of all my charms.  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. 

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Oh , My God, just beautiful!
    hugs, Rose M .

  2. Beverly, tose are each so special and so pretty!! Lovely job with the gorgeous photos! I love that you are getting each piece documented this way...that way we can enjoy them too!

    1. Thank you ever so much Doni. I used a piece of Limoges from my vanity set in these photos. The lighting is so bad in our villa and I fret over it when I am taking photos. It is so difficult to find a spot to take them. I needed to do this for myself because I have in the past misplaced or lost pieces and did not even realize it until it was to late to even begin to guess at where I could have lost them. It is so much easier for me to look on my blog and keep up with them. Of course I am very careful now after having lost a few pieces. We girls have to take care of our collections. Hugs, Beverly


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