Sunday, June 29, 2014


Living On The Riverwalk

The moving company was on the last day of packing and shipping our belongings.  This had been a long process because we had three different shipments going out.  The first was what we call hold baggage which includes the things that we will need immediately once we arrive in Korea.  The second shipment included most of our furniture and about half of our belongings that will be placed in storage until we return to the States two years from now.  The last shipment took two solid days and included all our belongings and some furniture that we will get while in Korea to make our new home more like our home.  It had been a very long couple of weeks and I was glad to have everything, well almost everything, out of the house.  

Next we had to clean our home and have the carpets professionally cleaned and we set about doing this even before the moving company had gotten everything out of the house.  After many months of hard work cleaning the house, showing and selling the house and all the sorting and packing, I was more than ready to be finished with this job.  There were moments when I kept thinking I just can't go on any longer and somehow I would find the strength to get through the hours, days and weeks. 

Then the moment came and the crates filled with our belongings were covered and the guys prepared to drive off with everything else that we had left in this world except for our bags that we would carry on our trip to live in Korea. 

The much awaited moment that we leave our home and check into the Hotel was here!!! This was the hardest part of our journey to our new home and with this done we could focus on our journey to our new life.  For now we are living in our hotel and I am loving it.  I always knew there was a city girl in me and I am LOVING it here in the middle of the city.  Here is the view from my new front porch (that's what I call it). 

Although we are still working we have manage to find soem time here and there to enjoy our new surroundings.  

At Ripley's Believe It Or Not

On The Riverwalk

At The Majestic Theater

And finally...

The Pool on the Seventh Floor at our Hotel

My girls love to swim so we have been in the pool a lot, 
and the hot tub!!!!

I love living downtown with all the sights and sounds.  I love people watching, walking to get anything I need and just the hustle and bustle of being in a city.  And I must admit I love the service and I do not miss cleaning house at all.  

I am one happy girl!!!

I have many more pictures to share and I will be posting more photos of our stay on The Riverwalk...

Till then,

Tea Cottage Pretties


Congrats June Bug for A Job Well Done!

We have been so very busy with our move that I have not had a chance to share my June Bug's accomplishments, so while we are finally taking a break and getting some much need rest in our Hotel room I wanted to take the time to congratulate our daughter on a job well done.  

June just finished her last year in elementary school and we attended her graduation/awards ceremony. June was awarded A National Honor Award, The Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, State Awards for Science and Mathematics, The District Award for Art and many other awards.  

Her Presidential Award came with a certificate and a letter from the President and a really neat pin to wear.  

We are very proud of our June Bug.  
She is a very bright and successful young lady. 

Come by and visit as I will be posting about our stay on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas...

Later we will be arriving in Korea 
and setting up our new home.  

Then hopefully I will get back to crafting. 

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties

Monday, June 23, 2014


Aldo Handbags

This is my first ever blog post from my iPad!  Since we will be moving to Korea soon we decided to get iPads for ourselves. We may be without a smart phone for some time and we figured it would be a great way to keep up with everything. We can post updates to our family, send emails and handle all of our business. Little did we realize that we would really learn to appreciate our iPads as much as we do now. Then I realized I can even post to my blog via my iPad!!!  

I recently found a company called Aldo. They are a Canadian company that has been around for a very long time. They specialize in accessories for men and women including handbags, wallets, shoes, jewelry and all sorts of goodies. I walk into their shop and I completely fell in love with everything and I mean everything. Of course I did not buy everything but a girl can swoon...

I did get myself a new handbag and matching wallet,



They were just so adorable and I couldn't pass them up. 

Here are a few of their items I found online. 

What girl wouldn't want a handbag shaped like a perfume bottle?

Oh and that heart for a Valentines Day dinner!

You can check them out online at

I just wanted to share this and I am not being compensated for sharing my new finds.  

We'll this was fun, posting from my iPad and being able to post photos, web addresses and edit everything!  I might actually get use to this.  On second thought when I went to post from my iPad I could not select a font or set up the alignment so I ended up going online after all...

Next time I post it will be from a hotel room where I hope to actually get some rest. It has been a long few months of hard work to get everything done and finally leave our home, so this girl is in need of a long rest... 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. 

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


My World In Boxes

My world is literally packed in boxes tonight 
and I survived the day!!!

What use to be my Living Room

Our doorbell rang early at 8:00 am this morning and with that sound my stress levels began to rise.  After many weeks of stressing over having my antique French Limoges packed in boxes, I was relieved once I talk with the two wonderful ladies that had come to pack my things.  They were both wonderful,  they listened to me and we discussed how to handle my Limoges.  Then with the greatest of care and attention they packed everything. My Limoges took a long to time to pack because there was so much care given to each piece.  They were actually able to pack the rest of the house in record time once the Limoges, oh and my Pink Swirl Glass was all packed.   

What my Living Room use to look like

Tonight when I thought I would be overly stressed about having boxes all over my house, I am actually quite calm and relaxed.  I am confident that my things are well packed and I feel good about leaving them in storage for the next two years.  And just think, two years from now when I make it back and get my stuff, it will be like a GIANT Christmas present.  

As you may guess I have been incredibly busy and I have had very little time between getting passports,  packing, selling our home, getting paperwork done and going to Doctors to do much else.  I don't know when i will back to crafting but you can bet I will back at it as soon as I can.  Matter of fact, I am always working on projects in my mind and even while I have been preparing to move, I have been planning a couple little projects.  So some time in the future...........

Well the next week or so will be filled with more packing and on the 24th of this month we will be walking out of our home.  We will clean it very well and have the carpets cleaned before we leave.  Then on the 30th of this month we will close on the selling of our home.  We have enjoyed 11 years here and I am very happy that a new family will be moving in to make this their new home.  

I will be relaxing and visiting family from the 30th of June until around the middle of July when we will fly to our new home in Korea.  I hope to come back and post a few updates between now and then, so I will talk to you all soon.  Hope everyone is having a beautiful start to summer. 

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties


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