Sunday, June 29, 2014


Living On The Riverwalk

The moving company was on the last day of packing and shipping our belongings.  This had been a long process because we had three different shipments going out.  The first was what we call hold baggage which includes the things that we will need immediately once we arrive in Korea.  The second shipment included most of our furniture and about half of our belongings that will be placed in storage until we return to the States two years from now.  The last shipment took two solid days and included all our belongings and some furniture that we will get while in Korea to make our new home more like our home.  It had been a very long couple of weeks and I was glad to have everything, well almost everything, out of the house.  

Next we had to clean our home and have the carpets professionally cleaned and we set about doing this even before the moving company had gotten everything out of the house.  After many months of hard work cleaning the house, showing and selling the house and all the sorting and packing, I was more than ready to be finished with this job.  There were moments when I kept thinking I just can't go on any longer and somehow I would find the strength to get through the hours, days and weeks. 

Then the moment came and the crates filled with our belongings were covered and the guys prepared to drive off with everything else that we had left in this world except for our bags that we would carry on our trip to live in Korea. 

The much awaited moment that we leave our home and check into the Hotel was here!!! This was the hardest part of our journey to our new home and with this done we could focus on our journey to our new life.  For now we are living in our hotel and I am loving it.  I always knew there was a city girl in me and I am LOVING it here in the middle of the city.  Here is the view from my new front porch (that's what I call it). 

Although we are still working we have manage to find soem time here and there to enjoy our new surroundings.  

At Ripley's Believe It Or Not

On The Riverwalk

At The Majestic Theater

And finally...

The Pool on the Seventh Floor at our Hotel

My girls love to swim so we have been in the pool a lot, 
and the hot tub!!!!

I love living downtown with all the sights and sounds.  I love people watching, walking to get anything I need and just the hustle and bustle of being in a city.  And I must admit I love the service and I do not miss cleaning house at all.  

I am one happy girl!!!

I have many more pictures to share and I will be posting more photos of our stay on The Riverwalk...

Till then,

Tea Cottage Pretties

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