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Pinterest And Spam

Everyday we have the opportunity to learn something new.  Sometimes we learn something good and sometimes we learn something not so good.  Either way every thing we learn is useful and we can gain much for our new knowledge.  I have been on Pinterest for a long time and as with all things, it is a learning experience.  This week I learned that if you have a really popular Pin that others are out there to take advantage of that Pin.  I have a vintage dress that I Pinned that has become quite popular and the spammers found it.  I gave it some thought and decided that it was just wrong to use the image, which belongs to the seller of this particular dress, to place spam ads in the comments.  So I decided at first to just delete the comments but the comments kept coming.  Then I decided to delete the comment and block the Pinner so they could not place any more spam ads.  The next day there were more spam ads by a different user but for the same dress shop.  Apparently this is a dress shop that makes vintage styled dresses.  I then decided to place a comment myself asking that Pinners please respect the seller's image by not placing spam ads and letting them know that I will report them and block them. 

Now I will need to monitor comments on my Pinterest to insure that others are not using my Pins for spam.  I feel it is important to respect the integrity of the Pins and their respective owners.  It is the least I can do...

What are your thoughts on spamming on Pinterest and have you had any experience with spammers?  

And here is the Pin to the beautiful dress.  
You can find it in the seller's Etsy shop

I do love my Pinterest,


Tea Cottage Pretties

UPDATE:  Everyday it is a new user placing the same spam ads for the same shop.  Apparently they set up new Pinterest Accounts, Pin a bunch of their dresses and then spam vintage dresses.  This is a dress shop in Hong Kong. How unfortunate that they think this is okay to do or maybe they know it is wrong and just do not care.  


  1. I love Pinterest too! I only pin directly from a website…I never repin. I want to make sure my pins go directly back to the proper place. I had pinned a recipe for stew from a blog. The blogs I follow, such as yours, are very family-oriented. Somehow, a spammer had gotten my pin and connected it back to a pornography website. I found out when someone commented and told me that. I literally had just made the stew the week before so I knew it linked back to the appropriate place. I was quite mortified and deleted the pin right there. I do not understand why people must be wrapped up in spamming on social media.

    I do want to say that it is always a pleasure to receive my emails from your website. You have the loveliest of items and are so so feminine and gracious. I recommended one of your postings to a cousin of mine. Last year, you hosted a tea party for one of your daughter's birthdays. I believe it was Tiffany. My cousin wasn't quite sure how to go about having a tea party for her little girl so I gave her the link to your posting. She, as I, loved everything about your tea party. Thanks for all the inspiration you give!

    1. Melinda, I can not believe that someone did that to your pin and I would have been mortified as well. How terrible for someone to do that. I guess I see Pinterest as my happy place and when I hear or experience these things it kind of paints it a different color. It won't stop me from enjoying Pinterest but it will certainly make me more cautious.

      Thank you so much for the nice comment about my blog and for sharing with your cousin. It was Tiffany's Birthday and we had so much fun. We just love a tea party. Thank you so much for following me.

      Hugs, Beverly

  2. Sweet Beverly, I'm very sorry that you've had to contend with this negative side of Pinterest lately. I do have had my fair share of spammers try to leave comments over the years. I delete any and all that I see, but some still sneak past and I don't notice them until months later (I do receive notifications of one someone comments, but it's easy to accidentally delete them in your inbox before you've opened them, especially if you get tons in one day). I think Pinterest does an okay job of cracking down on spam, but they should step things up a bit. One step might be not allowing people to post URL's in their comments, though that could backfire when folks had a totally legitimate reason to do so. Fingers crossed that you don't get any more cereal spammers like this!

    Gentle hugs & so very many thanks for your wonderfully sweet comment on yesterday's post,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Dear Jessica, yes they are still at it. Everyday there is a new spam post by a different user for the exact same dress making shop. If I had ever thought of having them make a dress for me I certainly would not now. I am certain that they are doing this to others on Pinterest. I understand the desire to get your name out there and to advertise but not at the cost of your reputation. I delete a lot of my Pinterest notifications as well but I am watching them closely now. I am sure this has happened to me before and I just did not realize it.

      I really enjoyed reading your post Jessica, it was very informative and helpful.

      Have a beautiful day and gentle hugs, Beverly


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