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Precious Handmade Candy 

This past weekend my Tiffany and I decided to finally make our candy.  We wanted to make some roses and leaves to go with them.  We got some candy melts that were white chocolate mint flavor.  While shopping for the melts we found a super cute spoon mold and we had to get it. 

The spoons are great for dipping into hot tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  They would make a great garnish for any dessert as well.  There are so many flavor options as well.  

I love that these candies are so girly and pretty.  

They make a beautiful display for your table.  Great for a dinner party or just a special afternoon with your girl friends. 

Here are 2 of the molds that we used.  

These are very inexpensive and easy to use. You can buy everything you need at just about any craft store.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby but even Wal-Mart carries a small selection of things to make candy.  We plan to use our molds to make sugar roses and leaves for our sugar pot.  Be sure to watch for them in a future blog post.  


First we melted down the chocolates.  Simply follow the directions on the bag. We used the microwave melts which are super easy to use and melt.  We used red dye in half the chocolate to make it pink.   Then we put the chocolate into icing bags. We now have squeeze bottles as this will work better but we did not have them the day we made these.  Next we simply squeezed the chocolate into the molds.  You have to shake the molds to get the air bubbles out and to even up the candy.  We placed them in the refrigerator and several hours later we popped them right out.  Very simple and fun and the results are so sweet.......  

Great project to do with your children.  

The Jewelry Box
Part II

As promised here is my progress on the jewelry box. After finishing opening the top up, adding hinges and painting it was time for the fun stuff. 

 I went to work on making a lining for the top section.

Lining collage

For the lining I used a canvas fabric.  I printed a collage out on fabric and stitched it to the fabric along with some pretty trim.  

I also printed out a vintage perfume label and hand stamped it to make a small pillow for my bracelets. I used a vintage jewelry box and hand stamped it and stained it for a sweet box to hold my favorite earrings. 

Larger view of bracelet pillow

I used a tiny box covered with a vintage piece of crochet given to me by Doni.  This holds all my extra charms for my bracelet.  I used a pretty fabric flower to hold my Princess Diana Tiara Ring and Earrings given to me by my husband. 

I printed out a vintage perfume label on fabric and made a round ring holder out of it.  For my earrings I used a vintage printable made by Doni and more of her fabulous vintage crochet.  

I glued the fabric lining inside the top and added pretty trim with my glue gun.  Then I put everything together inside my jewelry box.  Isn't it all so lovely together? 

Next I went to work on the lining inside the top.  I added a mirror and a smaller vintage Colgate label to the top lining. You may notice in the picture that the trim is not finished on the top.  I ran out and my craft shop is out of it. I am waiting for them to get more in....

And here is my new Jewelry Box!

Now I still have quite a few more things to do to complete my jewelry box.  I plan to decorate the top of it with fabric and stamps.   I also have two more drawers to work on.  The first drawer will hold all my brooches.  Did I tell you that I have a thing for brooches?  I have a ton of them and they need a home. 

 As for that BIG bottom draw...
Well I am still thinking about that one. 

So be sure to visit me next time for Part III of my Jewelry Box Project to see my progress.
This has truly become a labor of love. 

Is that a word?

On a visit to one of my favorite little spots here in Texas. 

 I found these goodies.

I added the glass pearls to the little glass jar.
Wait to see what I plan to do with these beauties....

Mother's Day

My new makeup!!!!
This is a small collection of Etude House Princess Etoinette makeup from Korea.  

The owl is their endangered species line of hand creams.  

The White Powder Container holds body powder.  The pink Powder Container holds heart shaped blushes.  There is a tube of beautiful pink lipstick and a compact mirror.  

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!


I got a new Doctor this week and I have someone to give me my B12 shots.  I have an advocate on my side and she has been wonderful.  Things are starting to look up....

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.
See you next time


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  1. Woohoo! I am so excited for you!! What a relief that you now have a doctor and someone to help you with your fibro and anemia. I bet your husband is relieved as well. But that jewelry box is amazing!!! It is so pretty, but I knew it would be if you were making it! I love how you did each section with so much detail...and with the laces and cards too! Such a great project, and I know you love it. I'm looking forward to seeing what all you do to finish it as well as the new finds. Have fun!

  2. Very pretty! Your candy looks so lovely and romantic. The roses remind me of a soap I had as a child - thought it was too nice to use... :) I like the idea of chocolate much better :) Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  3. Your candies are so romantically elegant and wonderfully pretty - I'd almost (*almost* :)) have a hard time bringing myself to bite into something so lovely. I'm quite a fan of edible flowers and floral flavours, so I think that I'd be tempted to try making a batch that were flavoured like roses (my all-time fave floral flavour) themselves.

    You truly inject so much beauty into everything you create, dear gal.

    Tender hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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