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Vintage Goodies,
Pretty Sugar Cube Tutorial
 and The Jewelry Box Part III

Vintage Goodies

Remember these vintage goodies from my last post?

I love all these sweet fabulous vintage goodies.  I love old wooden frames with lots of details.  Even though the frame was already very cute with it's aged and stained paint, I needed it to match my new jewelry box that I have been working on.  So I painted it the same color as my jewelry box.  I added a canvas fabric to an 8 X 10 canvas for painting and made a pin board to display my antique hand painted porcelain brooches.  I hand stamped some darling little images on the canvas and added a sweet PARIS vintage blue ribbon binding bow to the hand stamped dress.  Then I used pearl topped pins to place my favorite floral brooches on it.  I also pinned my 3 section key/watch fob and a set of earrings that match one of my brooches.  The earrings and brooch were together in the set when I found them.  I think it is amazing that they have stayed together all these years.  

Here is my new Frame displaying my Porcelain Brooches. 

Next I just fell in love with those little glass jars.  When I was very young I had a thing for small glass jars.  I would take them and hide them in my closet.  I always ended up making something out of them.  Being only about 6 it was usually a snow globe.  You know colored water and tiny pieces of paper.  I LOVED it.....  Well here I am a few years older and I still love small glass jars.  

I filled the first one with white glass pearls I decided to make a vintage label for it.  So I went to work and before I knew it I had something that looked like this.

I had to trim the edges and age it a little and then I simply used Mod Podge and attached it to my little jar.  I also added a small ribbon and here are my Pearls of Wisdom. Sometimes I just tickle myself.

I then placed the wooden spools of thread inside my other jar.  I wanted something similar to my Pearls Jar so I thought I would make a "Spools of Love Jar" and so I did just that. 

Antique Moon and Star Stick Pin with original case.

One of my recent vintage finds.  I think about the young lady who received this pin maybe as a gift, maybe she picked it out herself.  For now it is my turn to care for it, until one day when it is passed to another for safe keeping.  

Pretty Sugar Cube Tutorial

Pink Roses and Green Leaves Sugar Cubes
This was in my last post but since that was intended mostly for family, I decided to post my Sugar Cube Tutorial again so that I can share it.  

What You Need

Wilton Clear Plastic Candy Mold
I found these work the best. 
The silicon molds take longer to dry 
and it was harder to get the sugar cubes out. 

1/2 Sugar
1 Drop of Food Coloring
1 Tablespoon of Water

Mix everything together until well blended.
Place in your molds for approx. 10 hours.
Carefully remove from molds and place on a plate 
right side up to finish drying. 

I had a few inquiries about the molds I used so I wanted to come back and post a photo of the molds.  Hope this helps...

And here are our pretty sugar cubes...

You now have beautiful Sugar Cubes for
your coffee, tea or dessert decoration. 

I was thinking after I made these that you could most likely flavor them.  I like Vanilla, Mint and Lemon Extract.  So the next time I make them I will try to flavor them and I will let you know the results. 

The Jewelry Box Part III

This week I also worked on my Jewelry Box Project.  I added a canvas fabric to the top using mod podge.  I hand stamped the fabric top and added a sweet collection of rose fabric trim and decorations.  Of course I had to add some sparkle so I used some rhinestone buttons.  I love how it turned out. 

Then I went to work on the first drawer.  As it turned out this was easier than I had originally thought it would be.  I added a vintage crochet table scarf that I had in my linens and simply placed all my brooches on top.  I am very pleased and it makes it super easy to look them over and find what I need.  The best part is that they are now ALL in one place.  

Brooch Draw

I have now placed my Jewelry Box in it's spot where it will stay. 

I think it looks fabulous with my mirror and my new porcelain brooch frame. 

Hope to finish my Jewelry Box in the near future but for now I am taking a break from it. Never fear I will post photos when I finish it. 

Oh I forgot one thing so I had to come back and add it.  I made a Vintage Perfume Label Cloth Bag to go inside my Jewelry Box.  It can hold any number of girly things. 

See you soon,
Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Beverly what wonderful things you have to share in this post! It just got better and better!! That brooch grouping is just gorgeous and you did a fab job on that. The jewelry box transformation turned out so nice too. You just did such a pretty job on it. You are the most crafty and idea inspiring lady! The whole grouping is a treat to have I know. Just think of how much pleasure you will have for years to come each time you get your jewelry out to wear! So happy for you.

  2. What a bevy of beautiful ideas and pieces you've put together in this wonderful post. From the pastel hued sugar shapes (so lovely!) to your fabulous brooch collection (I'm a huge brooch fan and wearer myself, too), I adore it all.

    Tender hugs & the happiest of weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. So many pretties indeed. I especially love those sugar cubes. What type of mold do you use, like a candy mold? Just double checking because some materials work better than others. I have to try it sometime.
    Stopping by via Linda's What to do Weekends.

  4. Thank you for showing how to make these pretty sugar cubes. I am featuring you this week! And PINNING! Best wishes, Linda


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