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Confession - I am Sew Not A Seamstress

I have never been great at sewing although I have sewn a lot during my life.  If I had to make something very tailored it would be a disaster.  What I am good at is my style, simply put I know exactly what I love and it is the things that I love that I can make.  I stick to the simple things that do not take a lot of time but speak volumes about who I am and what I love.  Have you noticed I love to make handbags?  Well I love handbags so that is what I love to make.  

This past Memorial Day while others were celebrating with family I stayed inside with my girls.  After all that is where I am most happy, with my girls.  My oldest daughter Tiffany woke me up and said "mom, I want to make something today" and I said okay let me get myself together and we will see what we can do.  Having fibromyalgia and all the other yucky stuff, I can't just jump up and be off and running.  So I pulled myself together and I started thinking.  Tiffany and I had bought some beautiful fabric for like $1.00 a yard and we had planned on making a skirt.  So I told her, let's make your bow skirt.  We went to work on what turned out to be the cutest skirt for my beautiful Tiffany.  

We already had a petticoat and all we needed was to make the skirt and bows for it.  So without further ado, here is my beautiful Tiffany with her brand new BOW SKIRT with love from her mom.......

I love her beautiful smile

"Where do you want me to stand mom?"

Little black ribbon bow detail



I took so many pictures, she was sweet but I could tell she was done.

Did you notice we made a scarf to match?

The skirt is your basic elastic wasted skirt with 4 ribbon bows that are actually pins so that they can be removed. This will allow her to wear her skirt in 2 different ways, with and without bows....

Tiffany is uber delighted with her new skirt and she is wearing it to school tomorrow.  She told me that all her friends tell her that she wears costumes and they are always excited to see what she will wear next.  Tiffany loves skirts and dresses and all sorts of stylish and fabulous clothes, she gets that from me......

So my beautiful Tiffany got a skirt and I wasn't finished yet.  I had some fabulous PARIS duck fabric and I wanted a pair of shorts.  I did not have a pattern so I simply used a pair of my favorite shorts to make myself the cutest shorts ever.  Wait till you see them......

Here is what the fabric looks like...

And here are my finished shorts

Here's how I made them...

I used my favorite pair of shorts to cut out my fabric.  Then I sewed the side seams of each leg (right sides together).  I flipped on leg right side out and placed it inside the other leg so that the right sides were facing each other.  Then I stitched them together on the center seam.  Next I hemmed them after ironing my hem.  Then I ironed the waist and stitched it leaving a small opening for my elastic.  I used a big safety pin and fed the elastic through the waist.  Then I sewed the two ends together and closed up the small area I left open.  I turned them right side out and ironed them and I now had shorts. 

After I finished them, I realized I had this beautiful crochet with ribbon going through it and I wanted to add it.  So I measured and cut the trim and then stitched it onto the shorts.  It was the perfect trim for my new Paris shorts.  

And here they are again...

Here I am with my new shorts on....

I love my new shorts and they will be great for this summer....

Wanted to share a couple photos of my porcelain brooch collection. 

These sit on our dresser in the master bedroom. 

I love these tiny little works of art.

Notice the card that says, 
"For All The Things You Do. 
These Buds Are For You!"
Love, Eric

Well as anyone who knows me knows, my husband has a beautiful sense of humor.  There use to be a commercial for beer that went something like "for all the things you do this buds for you".  Well one day while I was at work I received a dozen beautiful red roses and this card was on them.  I have kept it all these years and I always smile when I see it....

Well I think that about sums it up for this week. Tiffany and I had a blast making our new clothes and we will have tons of fun wearing them now.

Happy Sewing
Tea Cottage Pretties

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  1. Good Morning!! Tiffany dahling, you look mahvelous deah!!! I must say, the Frenchy oohhh lala look is YOU!! LOVE your new skirt and scarf!!! Y'all did a lovely job on those!!!
    And oh Beverly, those gorgeous buttons/brooches with hand painted lovely gorgeous beautiful flowers just make me drool!!!
    Great photos!! And your great job on those cute shorts!!! PERFECT!!
    You look so cute in those!!
    Now I haven't made a bracelet yet, and those blue buttons you will see on the next collage I'm working on!! But I AM going to make a pink button bracelet. Tell me what size ribbon to use!! And how do I finish it??
    Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome creations!
    Hugs to you all!

  2. Such a splendidly lovely outfit - awww, I just love that you sew for your daughter. I am so incredibly not a seamstress either (you, however, are!!!). I wish to no end that I was, but alas it is not a talent that universe blessed me with. I suppose it's for the better though, as it's usually beyond the limits of my health to operate a sewing machine. Instead I just admire and get inspired by the beautiful work that others sew and share with the world (like these thoroughly lovely creations).

    Wishing you a serene & wonderful Sunday, dear lady,

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love the shorts. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Blog Hop 55. We can't wait to see what you have for us this week. This weeks party is live.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  4. I used to make some of my shorts and pants like this. It works! Your model is so cute!!

    Linda at Crafts a la mode
    What to do Weekends Party

  5. Featuring you tomorrow on my blog and Facebook!

  6. Well she sure looks pleased with her new skirt. And I think you did a great job on the shorts. Cute, cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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