Monday, September 16, 2013


Getting Ready 
More Earring Cards

 For the past week or so, I have been super busy.  Why you ask?   Well I am getting things ready for my husband coming home.   I can't say when but soon he will be home and I am super excited.   Actually I am beside myself and I can't believe that he will soon be home.  He has been deployed in another country for a year and I am so thankful that this deployment is almost over.  I can't tell you how wonderful it will be to have my husband home.   I do not have much to share this week unless you are interested in house cleaning and running errands all over town.   I did manage to make a couple more earring cards this week.  I decided to organize all my earrings so I pulled them out of their little boxes, draws and little hiding places. I decided to make one card with my name and one with my husband name on them.   

Here are all 3 of my earring cards together.

Image compliments of 

If you want to know how to make these beautiful earring cards visit my post here:

Here is a close up of the sweet little girls on these cards. 

Notice how I arranged the earrings on the card to dress up the sweet little cherubs. 

I love these little cards and I plan to make a few for Christmas Gifts.   Maybe even put a special pair of earrings on one for my (oh, better keep that a secret).  

What I like best about these is it is such a sweet way to organize my earrings and now I won't be losing them and digging to find them.  Who knows how many pairs of earring I have lost over the years.   Now I can clearly see them and choose a pair to wear.


Me Dancing and Oh So Happy!
These are photos my daughter took of me for my husband. 

I will see you soon my friends!
If some time passes and I haven't posted anything new,
 you will know I am otherwise busy and very happy....

Till next time, 

Tea Cottage Pretties


    FINALLY!!! This is it!!
    I know, you can't hardly stand it!
    Those earring cards are adorable! Love your choices of ear wear!
    And that dancing picture is too cute!!!
    I hope y'all have a LOVELY reunion and lots of time together, and cooler weather!!
    Blessings and hugs,

    1. Thank you Dear Doni!!!!! You always make me smile. Those little pink flowers earrings are some I bought from a sweet young girl that makes and sells them. I felt the need to support her craft. Being a craft person myself and I thought she was the sweetest little young lady. I was surprised how many pairs of earrings I own. Some of them are as old as 1984. Can you believe that. I mostly wear solid gold earrings and my favorite ones are in a special box (cause I use them all the time) but I do like to have fun ones to wear as well. The card with my name on it are also some that I wear more often. The pink mother of pearl flower ones are new to me and I have yet to wear them but aren't they lovely. They are gold post with a mother of pearl carved flower sleeve on them. I can ware the post by themselves as well. Can you tell I love earrings!!! Oh yeah I love all girly things. :)

      Thank you for being my champion Dear Doni and for being there this year to help me get through my days without my Eric. We are delighted, tickled pin, excited, beside ourselves and over the hill happy!!! Soon our family will be back together. I like that way better than earrings. teehee

      Hugs my friend, Beverly

  2. You look adorable as always, and I'm sure hubby thinks so, too. Have a WONDERFUL reunion! The cards are cute, great idea.


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