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#24 Limoges Chocolate Pot

I felt it was time to post another beautiful piece of Limoges from my collection. Fall has arrived and soon Winter will be on it's way.  So with thoughts of colder days and the Holidays ahead, I decided to share a beautiful Limoges Chocolate Pot. 

During the winter months there is nothing that warms you up like a sweet delicious cup of hot chocolate.  In today's world that is when we reach for a packet and mix it with hot water or warm milk.  Now image having that warm cup of a chocolate from a beautiful chocolate pot.  The Victorians would place real chocolate in chunks into a beautiful pot and then pour in warm milk.  The chocolate would melt and mix with the milk.  It was usually served to the children in the mornings to combat the cold and warm them up as they began their day.  

I love the soft blue and delicate pink roses of this beautiful chocolate pot. 

I think I will have to try making some Hot Chocolate in the old Victorian way this winter. 



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  1. Beverly, what a beautiful piece! Those colors are lovely. Now I love the idea of real hot chocolate made the real way, but the envelope really isn't that bad! And with the diet brand available to me, I can actually drink some! Lovely post!
    Hugs to you,
    Doni's supposed to rain 3plus inches here today through tomorrow!

    1. Oh Doni, I am LOVING our weather!!!!! I know you must be loving it as well. I am feeling pretty well these days. I think it helps to have Eric home!!!! Yes, I reach for my little packet of hot chocolate or K cup hot chocolate as well. I have never been able to bring myself to make chocolate in my chocolate pot. I actually saw one on Pinterest painted exactly the same. So I decided to feature mine. It was time for a Limoges post. Hugs my friend, Beverly

  2. Beautiful pieces! New follower via GFC.

  3. Gorgeous chocolate pot! What a treasure! My Mother collects chocolate pots - they always remind me of her :)

  4. Beautiful china, I love the forgetmenots, so delicate. A more elegant age.

    1. Hello Janice, it is so very nice to meet you! Thank you for letting me know, I had no idea I was featured. Also, thank you ever so kindly for visiting me and for the follow! I am following you back and I had a nice visit at your blog tonight. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Hugs, Beverly

  5. Simply gorgeous! Your French teapot and Little plates is just so romantic and so vintage too. I love it! You are featured at What's it Wednesday, Ivy and Elephants...I just came from there.

  6. There is such a ladylike elegance to the shape and design of that chocolate pot. One knows at once that it's not likely for tea or coffee, yet like a mysterious and beautiful woman, may not have know exactly what it/she was up to without a hint. I love vintage and shabby chic hot chocolate pots, but don't own myself, so my (very lovely, don't get me wrong) floral print ceramic tea pot has to do double duty on that front. :)

    Here's to the start of cocoa weather and a gorgeous winter for both of us!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Dear Jessica, I love Limoges and I got this beauty for a song. I have had it for about 5 years but I must say I can't bring myself to use her. She just poses beautifully in my formal living area china cabinet. I walk by and see her everyday. I love hand painted hard paste porcelain. There is something special about them. I always think if the lovely young ladies that learned to paint china/porcelain. This piece is approx. 100 years old. She looks great for her age. :) Gentle Hugs, Beverly

  7. This is a gorgeous piece! Love the soft pastel blue. Hopped over from Ivy and Elephants. I have a link party, Share Your Cup Thursday. It's all about sharing the things that make you happy. I would love if you shared sometime! Happy to be a new follower.

    1. Hello Jann, thank you ever so kindly for visiting, your nice comment, the invite and for following!!!! I am so glad to have you along. I am on my way to visit you, follow and share something on your linky party!!!! Thank you so much, Beverly

  8. This is simply elegant! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features today at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in and grab a feature button for your blog. Here is the link to this week's party. Hope to see you again at the little blue soiree. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    1. Kathryn, thank you ever so kindly! I am delighted to be featured!!!! On my way to grab a feature button. Hugs, Beverly


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